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Green River Cove
Green River Cove
Saluda, NC 28773, USA
15 Apr, 2022
Blue Ridge Birding
Blue Ridge Birding
Asheville, NC, USA
25 Apr, 2022


Great trip. Vicky knows her ducks and other waterbirds and where to find them. We look forward to more trips with her as a guide
By Mike C for Duck Day in Asheville on Feb 13, 2024
The trip was very enjoyable, in spite of the cold weather. Michael Werndley is a great guide and fun to be with. The main attraction was the chance to see up to ten species of owls, many of which can often be seen after migrating down from more northern areas in Canada. The group saw a Snowy Owl, Hawk Owl, Barred Owl, and (the major attraction) two impressive Great Gray Owls! Other local species included Snow Buntings, Common and Hoary Redpolls, a Northern Shrike, Canada Jay, Pine Grosbeaks, Golden Eye, numerous Bald Eagles, and a Merlin (sitting atop our hotel in Minneapolis). In addition, the group saw many winter species common to our own area. An unexpected treat was the sight of three wolves totting along the frozen harbor shoreline in Duluth! A great time was had by all!
By Peter H for Northern Minnesota 2024 - Owls & Winter Finches on Feb 05, 2024
Weather was a lot better than I anticipated, but even if it had been exceptionally cold, this trip is definitely worth it. To see the snow-covered landscape scenes, the beauty of the Black Spruce trees, all the native habitat for the Great Gray Owl, was an exciting and enjoyable experience. The food choices were fantastic as were the views of Lake Superior. Dress warmly and go for it!
By Shirley A for Northern Minnesota 2024 - Owls & Winter Finches on Feb 04, 2024