Amazing tour. Our guides had differing perspectives, but discussed them respectfully and in a way that provided the most context on the issues Israel faces today. The guides discussed broader history but also went into detailed discussions of the practical implications of living in the West Bank. Fascinating tour that I will be thinking about for a long time.
By April C for Dual Narrative Tour - Jerusalem Old City - 1/2 Day - February 24 on Mar 09, 2020
There were parts of this tour that were interesting and fun, then there were parts that were not. Fun: -Learning about the walls of Jerusalem. -Learning about the Palestinian plight. Not: -hearing the Palestinian perspective 80% of the time and the Jewish perspective 20%. -being rushed through the tourist sites so we could sit and get preached at about the injustices of the Jewish people towards Palestine. -the tour started late. -the ‘tour of two markets’ which I signed up for didn’t happen.
By Aaron E for Dual Narrative Tour - Jerusalem Old City - 1/2 Day - December 16 on Dec 25, 2019
I took a brief solo trip to Jerusalem for a conference a couple of weeks ago, and was lucky to be able to book a half-day Dual Narrative Tour. This was my first trip to Israel and, while I'm a consummate news reader and feel fairly apprised of debates around Israeli and Palestinian histories, I was admittedly ignorant about much of the Old City and its place in modern day Israel/Palestine. This tour was a wonderful, enjoyable, and nuanced introduction into this space. The guides have no agenda other than to impart a sense of the complicated and contested histories here, from the ancient to the modern. Take this tour to feel the power and depth of the past, and learn a bit about how it informs the present.
By Dustin W for Dual Narrative Tour - Jerusalem Old City - 1/2 Day - December 9 on Dec 24, 2019