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Our recent 4-day/5-night dive package with Academy Bay in the Galapagos Islands in 2023 was an absolutely unforgettable experience. From the stunning underwater encounters to the warm hospitality and mouthwatering homecooked meals, every moment of this adventure exceeded our expectations. Our diving itinerary included some of the most iconic dive sites in the Galapagos, and each location was a treasure trove of marine life and underwater wonders. We explored Mosquera, Daphne, Gordon Rocks, Baltra, Floreana, and Seymour Islands, each offering a unique and breathtaking glimpse into the rich biodiversity of the Galapagos marine ecosystem. From playful sea lions to graceful manta rays and even the elusive hammerhead sharks, every dive was a thrilling and awe-inspiring adventure. The team at Academy Bay Diving was not only professional and safety-conscious but also incredibly knowledgeable about the marine life and ecosystems of the Galapagos. Our dive guides made sure we had a deep appreciation for the fragile and unique underwater world we were exploring, emphasizing the importance of responsible diving and conservation efforts. It was clear that they were passionate about preserving this natural wonder for future generations. Back on the boat, we were treated to some of the most delicious homecooked meals. The variety and quality of the food were outstanding. From freshly caught seafood to local specialties, every meal was a culinary delight that left us eagerly anticipating the next one. Dining with fellow divers and sharing stories of our underwater adventures made the experience even more enjoyable. The accommodations provided by Academy Bay were comfortable and well-maintained, offering a cozy retreat after a day of diving. We stayed at Hotel Coloma and it is a true gem in a good location. The breakfast was great, plentiful and freshly made every morning. The front desk lady was very helpful. She helped us reserve taxis and other activities during our stay. She genuinly cared and helped make our stay even stress free. In summary, our dive package with Academy Bay in the Galapagos Islands was a dream come true for any diving enthusiast. The incredible marine life, the professionalism of the dive team, and the outstanding homecooked meals all contributed to an extraordinary experience. If you're looking to explore the wonders of the Galapagos underwater world, we highly recommend Academy Bay Diving. They not only provide an exceptional diving experience but also foster a deep connection to the unique and fragile ecosystem of the Galapagos. This was a trip of a lifetime, and we are immensely grateful for the memories created during these five unforgettable days.
By Michel M for Basic Dive Package - 4 Days / 5 Nights - 2023 on Sep 16, 2023
Academy Bay set up my family for success for all 5 of us gaining our Advanced Open Water Certification while in Galapagos. We had amazing dives during the certification and as recreational as well - 7 dives in all with Academy Bay. We felt VERY safe, safer than some of the other companies we dove with during our time in Galapagos. It was an amazing experience to gain our AOW while also having the most amazing dives of our lives, seeing every animal you can imagine during our dives. Angel Cobeña was our dive instructor and he MADE our experience THE BEST. He made sure my teens were safe while also being a fantastic and engaging instructor. We have a friend for life in Angel. He ensured that we have the best experience but also learned and remained safe the entire time. That is a feat when instructing a 14 yo, 15 yo, and 18 yo along with 2 adults that hadn't dove in over a year. He also made sure we knew how to approach the dives to ensure we saw the most animals, to hold our bubbles, and not scare off the hammerheads and others. Because of his instruction, we saw more wildlife than any other groups we encountered during our trip. The captain was also fantastic. We encountered a HUGE pod of Dolphins and the captain and dive crew changed our dive plans and had us all safely scuba with the dolphins! An experience of a lifetime! The snacks and lunches provided were yummy. We didn't have to lift a finger, the crew took very good care of us. It was very well organized as well. We always knew what was happening and what to expect next. I highly recommend Academy Bay!
By Brenda F for PADI Advanced course + Dive Tours - custom on Sep 01, 2023
I had a fabulous time. Diving was one of the items to cross in my bucket list and I am extremely happy of completing my OWC with Academy Bay Diving. Besides the fantastic facilities (boat, diving gear), the personnel was extremely knowledgeable, supportive and professional. Kudos to my instructors Caro (swimming pool) and Angel (open water) for the terrific job. You rock!!!! My thanks are extended to the crew of the boat (Daniel 1, Daniel 2, Byron, Joao) for their friendly approach and for sharing their love to Galapagos. Thanks to Alice and the entire team for making this an unforgettable experience. Adios and hope to see you somewhere underwater. Cristhian
By CRISTHIAN A for PADI - Open Water Course on Jul 31, 2023


acabamos de regresar de Galápagos conde realizamos seis increíbles días de buceos... por lejos los mejores en 20 años. Tanto por los hermosos lugares y fauna de la isla y alrededores, por sus equipos de primera calidad y sobre todo por sus guías y todo el personal del centro. Es increíble como aman su isla y como transmiten todo lo que saben de su fauna e historia. gracias Alex, Jimmy y Santiago
By sergio d on 02 Apr, 2023