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Ada Bel

About Me

Ada is the founder of AdaYogaRetreats concept. It's been 8 years that she is passionately practicing Yoga. She has been practicing various schools, starting with Bikram Yoga, than Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and in the end Hatha Yoga, all around the world, from US, UAE, Italy, Austria, France, India, Spain, Serbia etc. Her classes are representing beautiful concept, specific mixture of those schools, as all of them left a significant sign on her Yoga practice. Classes are always starting with the Pranayamas, stimulating and balancing Ida and Pingala nadi, following with starting Pranayama practice from Bikram Yoga school, than follows the flow into Surya Namaskar, Sun Salutations (Ashtanga Yoga style), after which is following mostly Bikram Yoga asanas flow. Classes are finishing with famous Hatha Yoga asanas staying in the postures longer. Each class are finishing with Yoga NIdra, with short ending element of Reiki meditations.


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