Past Trips


We had a great time! The trip schedule was thoughtfully organized with plenty of free time and flexibility to either join or opt out of activities. The accomodations were excellent. We were so lucky with beautiful weather and no issues. This Inner Beauty Yoga Retreat was truly a wonderful experience and so happy to be a part of that journey.
By Sarah B for Inner Beauty Yoga in Santorini on Jul 31, 2022
Adri is an amazing person. The trip was fantastic. I can't imagine how much had to be done behind the scenes with the pushes due to Covid for two years and to come out of it with a wonderful experience is a testament to her skill and dedication. The surroundings were wonderful, the level of coordination between the yoga and the different type of excursions beautifully thought through with something for everybody. I had an amazing experience and would highly recommend Adri and any future trips.
By Monika K for Inner Beauty Yoga in Santorini on Jun 28, 2022
This was a trip of lifetime1 The people were very kind and helpful. The private village was excellent and very luxurious. We all have our own room. Each one magnificently decorated representing one country. The private chef was so talented and the food was very delicious and abundant. Also, the tours we scheduled with the help of the Ballinacura's personnel were very exciting and educational. This really was a 5 stars retreat.
By Grillys C for Awaken Your Inner Senses - Ireland Retreat on Aug 05, 2019