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Pros: Met some great people who I have continued to stay in touch with. Visited and took pictures of the most historical place (Egypt) in the world. Had a wonderful tour guide who educated us at each site. Not having to worry about breakfast and lunch most days was nice and cost effective. Cons: The travel group was a bit large at approximately 16 people. I believe this caused us to stay a little longer than we needed to at some places and also led to us returning to our hotel well after the time listed in the schedule. It would have also been nice to have more options for things to do on free days, instead of us having to find things on our own. As there was not much to do in Egypt, this would have been more beneficial in Dubai.
By Erma W for Egypt & Dubai 2023 | Black Travel Group | Adventure in Black on May 24, 2023
I had a good time, but had some issues with the trip. One, the amount of people was a bit too much. It was like herding sheep to get everyone moving from place to place at times. Two, the shopping trips were excessive and unexpected. I felt like the walking dollar sign from Sesame Street at one point. Would have rather spent more time in the Egypt Museum or something cultural. Third, suggestions for Dubai would have been appreciated. After someone asked, we were eventually given recommendations. Would have been nice to know ahead of time. Lastly, at the price point, I expected a more upscale hotel in Dubai and more meals. Overall, I enjoyed myself and made new friends with two lovely ladies, but there is definitely room for improvement.
By Diana-Marie L for Egypt & Dubai 2023 | Black Travel Group | Adventure in Black on May 24, 2023
A great experience! From the welcoming people of Colombia and our fellow travelers, it was just a great time and good company to be around. The food was amazing and our activities were one of a lifetime!
By Dana C for Cartagena, Colombia | Black Group Travel | Adventure in Black on May 03, 2023


AIB, did an amazing job from booking to end of trip. Our travel consultant Lenae was spectacular! She was attentive and ensured she communicated effectively throughout the trip. She handled minor hiccups with such patience and professionalism. Giving the size of the group, I think overall she did a great job. I'm looking forward to booking my next trip with AIB!!!!
By Rochelle W on 26 May, 2023