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Journey Into Sacred Expression Women's Retreat, Lake Atitlan JULY
Journey Into Sacred Expression Women's Retreat, Lake Atitlan JULY
Santa Cruz la Laguna, Sololá Department, Guatemala
18 Jul, 2024

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Journey Into Sacred Expression Luxury Women's Retreat, Lake Atitlan
Journey Into Sacred Expression Luxury Women's Retreat, Lake Atitlan
Santa Cruz la Laguna, Sololá Department, Guatemala
28 Jun, 2019
Journey Into Sacred Expression Women's Summer Retreat, Lake Atitlan
Journey Into Sacred Expression Women's Summer Retreat, Lake Atitlan
San Marcos La Laguna, Sololá Department, Guatemala
08 Aug, 2019


Summary: Hands down, this is the greatest thing I've ever done for myself and was easily one of the best weeks of my life. If you're on a path of self-discovery; have a desire to heal; feel stuck in your every-day life; have tried lots of things, but are at a plateau; wanting a change, but not knowing where to begin; needing your life to be different; wanting to feel alive; if any of these topics resonated with you, then run to sign up for this. There's something for everyone. It was thoughtfully designed, expertly delivered, and located in the most beautiful and spiritual place (Villa Sumayya at Lake Atitlan, in Guatemala). I believe so strongly in what we achieved together during the retreat I wish everyone could experience the magic of the 8 days that I spent with 10 incredible women and Aimee, the retreat facilitator. It would be an honor to answer any questions you might have! Longer Version: I came to this retreat because of the reviews I read online, not the website or description, but other people's strong reactions, so I felt it was only appropriate to leave a super detailed review to try to convince everyone that this is the best decision of your life. Description of the retreat: Before you even arrive, Aimee's communication with each participant is rooted in a gentle provocation. You realize you are not signing up for something easy, but you are signing up for something that will fundamentally change you. It sets this beautiful tone for your arrival to the Lake and the Villa, because immediately you can tell you are entering a sacred space-- everything from the physical space that’s been selected and designed, to the arrival dinner, to the opening ceremony has been chosen intentionally and with heart. The schedule is intense, but there is free time built in at different parts each day and there is always room to step back and do whats needed for you (whether that's an afternoon nap, a massage, a swim, or reading). 3x a day we shared meals together which ended up being some of the most memorable moments filled with laughter, decompression, and enjoyment of the delicious food (had low expectations for the food, but was blown away with how creative and tasty it was). We began each day with some sort of movement, usually yoga and sometimes dance. The yoga and meditation was beautiful, both in practice and in the setting (imagine a temple with clear glass windows overlooking the lake and volcanoes). The dance part was terrifying for many of us, but ended up being one of the best parts. We were able to practice being present in our bodies, freedom of expression without judgment, and exploring different sides of ourselves. Aimee brings in expert guest facilitators, each with their own specialty. After that we typically had a writing session which was the heart of the retreat (for me). This is where Aimee's brilliance as a facilitator really stands out. Everything has been crafted very intentionally in hopes of creating a space where you can work through what you've been struggling with, seek what you need, and examine the narrative you've been carrying around about yourself. It's not always comfortable, but it is always incredibly powerful. One level of discovery happens when you are forced to admit your truths to yourself, to write them down in your journal, and another occurs when you are asked to share them with the group. The decision of course, is always up to you, but most women opted to share, finding strength in themselves and one another. The absolute best part is that you have guidance throughout. You are truly not navigating this alone, but with the guidance of a teacher, and alongside a sisterhood. Even if you didn't think you needed one, you will be so so grateful to have found one. From there, you have lunch and the afternoon off, before meeting again for another session--it could be writing, yoga or dance, or a few times throughout the week a spiritual session. These sessions included: a sound bath, Mayan fire ceremony, and a sweat lodge ceremony. Each one felt vital and this is one of the moments where the location of the retreat felt really significant because we were able to tap into local customs and knowledge. Evenings consisted of candle-lit writing sessions or nights off with optional social activities (e.g. discussing astrology under the full moon while soaking in a hot tub). All these experiences just added to my spirituality, my deeper sense of self and self-acceptance, and after leaving this retreat, I feel more expansive than ever before. My only wish was that we had additional time together. There was more I wanted to explore, to learn, to access in this setting…but the journey you take is one for life and will continue long after you've left the shores of Lake Atitlan. What drew me to the retreat: I had tried a lot of different things to promote my healing, each with varying levels of success, but I did feel that there were things I had not been able to work through in the ways I had tried (different types of therapy, medication, exercise, etc). I wanted some time and space in my life to work through certain things, work on self-acceptance and self-compassion, and I wanted someone to help me navigate through that with a little bit of accountability. I wanted to know what it felt like if I prioritized my well-being for a week, who could I be? If I challenged the thoughts I held about myself and my life, what kind of world could I live in? How I feel after: I feel more grounded and simultaneously freer than ever. I feel more capable, more in charge of my life, braver, and more at ease. I'm writing this review a few weeks later and I still have not descended from the high of the retreat. I've noticed my prayers are more sincere, my laughter is louder and more free flowing, my view of the Divine is more whole. I feel more whole. Something has healed inside of me that has been hurting for a very long time. I will carry this experience with me for the rest of my life and I will forever be grateful to Aimee and the women who took this journey alongside me.
By NEEDA M for Journey Into Sacred Expression Women's Retreat, Lake Atitlan (AUGUST!) on Oct 09, 2023
This women’s retreat was a dream, that I never wanted to wake up from. For so long I felt like I lost my soul, I felt like the world hardened my spirit. I wasn’t the same person I used to be, which was difficult for me to understand. My soul felt lost, and overwhelmed, almost like I was trying to find my way back home. But, as I look back on the week that I spent at Lake Atilan with Aimee, writing my soul out. I came to the conclusion that I never actually lost myself. This is one of those experiences, that you can’t even put into words.. I will remember all of the infinite special moments from this week for the rest of my life. My life is forever changed. I also left Guatemala with 10 new sisters, who I know will be in my life forever!! Thank you Aimee for putting together the most enchanting magical women’s retreat that all of our souls knew we needed✨ this was by far the BEST most serendipitous week of my entire life. It was a week, I will never forget. If you are thinking of signing up for this retreat, JUST DO IT! You won’t regret one bit of it, your soul will be thanking you for the rest of your life, I promise🤍🫶💫
By Jordanne B for Journey Into Sacred Expression Women's Retreat, Lake Atitlan (AUGUST!) on Sep 20, 2023
This was such an incredible and transformational experience for me and the rest of the participants whom we now refer to as the sisterhood. This retreat far exceeded any expectations that I had and if you are thinking about it then just do it. The Lake is absolutely magical. Aimee. the facilitator, is incredibly talented and intuitive and somehow manages to guide you in stretching your soul and expanding your heart through stimulating writing assignments and other activities. It’s actually hard to describe except to say it was profound. I highly recommend.
By Rhonda J for Journey Into Sacred Expression Women's Retreat, Lake Atitlan (AUGUST!) on Sep 11, 2023


The Storyteller Within Retreat with Aimee was a unique and totally-worth-it-experience! The conceptualization of the retreat is sophisticated and considerately. It´s like going on an adventurous journey through your feminine self and accompanied by a intuitive and smart mentor and poet. Aimee unites effortlessly unknown women from different worlds in a respect- and trustful way, the sacred circle arises. She creates a space for self-reflection, exchange and for silence and integration as well, another circle completes. In Guatemala there is even some time for seeing some of the beautiful surroundings and dip in the magical and by volcanos surrounded lake Atitlan. This was a great experience that helped me see and grow. Thank you so much, Aimee!
By Katharina G on 27 Aug, 2019
This retreat was fabulous. Aimee had an incredible ability to bring all of us together to the point where at the end of the journey we all felt like we were long lost friends. Her ability to create space and foster the telling of each woman's story allowed each woman to own what story she was telling herself and what different one she wanted to create. This was a life changing perspective shift for myself and many others. If you have an opportunity, do this retreat!
By Maggie C on 06 Feb, 2018