What an amazing week we had in Greece. I would highly recommend Alexia’s Food Tours to anyone. Alexia brings a true passion to the experience, and we were able to meet and talk with locals in additional to the cultural aspects of our journey. Highlights included: 1) An opening lamb roast dinner at Alexia’s brother’s home 2) Lunch in Alexia’s family’s village cooked by the women of the village who taught us to make local favorites. 3) Truffle hunt with a truffle lunch 4) Olive oil tasting and tour of the markets 5) Trip to a monastery built into a mountain high in the clouds. It was the most magical and enchanting trip. I have been drinking Greek wines since our return to the states, and of course, investing heavily in Greek foods and cookbooks.
By Emma R for Travel to Greece with Jody Adams on Apr 12, 2023
Our group trip in Northern Greece was superb! We enjoyed a varied selection of off-the-beaten-path artisanal adventures, museums, vineyard, and more. It was a lovely small group of people with an interest in the extraordinary culinary fare in Greece, co-led by Alexia, Jody and Heather, providing us with knowledge, experience and wonderful memories. The entire team was exceptional, including Rania who is an expert in archeology and history. At every turn, the trip was special. I will be so happy to engage in their next journey to Greece. Thank you for an amazing week!
By Karen P S for Travel to Greece with Jody Adams on Apr 12, 2023