Past Trips


Goddess Garden was a truly magical, beautiful setting nestled in Cahuita, Costa Rica. Marcello and Jaqueline were gracious hosts and their staff exceptional and always helpful. The meals were outstanding and even as the power went out for a third time, candles were lite and a hot meal was at the ready. The chefs prepared healthy, delicious meals and a big shout out to Marcello whose hot sauce I enjoyed every day!!! The rooms were comfortable, spacious and allowed for the amazing sounds of nature to fill in around us. I loved the downpours each morning which continued to lull me to sleep but then only to awaken to the howler monkeys and birds singing gloriously. The pool and grounds were well groomed, cleaned, swept daily. Walking the trails at Goddess Garden allowed me to unwind and detach from the world outside. The yoga shala's were spacious and had all the props that one could need for their yoga practice. A very large thank you goes out to Michele, Amy, and Mel for being our yogi leaders, trip advisers and safety nets. You three beautiful women inspire you all. Till the next adventure.......
By Elizabeth I for Goddess Garden Eco Resort Yoga Retreat 2024 on Mar 20, 2024
This trip was beyond fantastic! The Haramara resort was magical, comfortable and totally back to nature. The food was fresh and gourmet!!! Loved the pool and surrounding paths, trees and plant life. Yoga Shala was stunning, awoke to three sunrises…
By Elizabeth I for Wild & Radiant: Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat on May 02, 2023
`A week in paradise
By Alice T for Wild & Radiant: Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat on Apr 29, 2023