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Royal Majestic Day Metreat
Royal Majestic Day Metreat
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772, USA
1 day


In my opinion Allison is truly walking in her purpose, doing God’s work. I will forever be grateful for our paths aligning during my most tumultuous year. My wellness retreat was nothing short of transformative. The healing aspects of the retreat helped me address and release trauma. But for me, Allison helped show me the possibilities to life are limitless. I highly recommend investing in your mental health by embarking on a transformative experience like this.
By Meisha A for Royal Majestic Metreat ™️ : Mexico Simone Armstrong on 21 Oct, 2022
Do you know what it feels like to be poured into for 6 days straight? Or how unfamiliar faces become family within seconds of meeting them? Or feeling completely overwhelmed by the beauty and the love within a space? I felt all of this during the retreat. I initially booked w/ Allison with the intention of it being a vacation for myself. It turned into something like an ER visit for my mind, body, and soul. I literally started feeling like royalty within an hour of landing and didn't end it until an hour before flying back home. I wish I could explain the experience but words do it no justice. Pictures and videos do it no justice.
By Jessica M for Royal Majestic Metreat ™️ : Mexico Jessica Martin on 17 Oct, 2022
This MeTreat was everything my spirit needed. Allison was a fantastic guide. She helped me try new things, have new experiences and helped me through my anxiety. Honestly I can't put into words how blessed I am to have this experience. It is something you have to experience to understand. The consistent encouragement to just allow myself to be, to rest to enjoy the simple things while still basking in the beauty that surrounded me. As soon as I came back home I was ready to go back. If you aren't planning to book a MeTreat you are missing out on a blessing.
By Raynesha B for Royal Majestic Metreat ™️ : Mexico Raynesha on 05 Jun, 2022


I recently went out of my comfort zone and went on the Metreat experience with Allison to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It was such a wonderful experience that allowed me to become more comfortable with the idea of solo travel, especially as a black woman. The trip allows for solo time but also time to connect with others while exploring the vibrant community. I truly felt at home and didn’t want to leave. The wellness services provided were also amazing, therapeutic, and restorative. I came back with a new perspective on a different way to live to get the most out of life. I recommend anyone looking to connect with themselves, explore a new place, or to do some healing to take this opportunity, you won’t regret it!
By Shayna M on 14 May, 2022