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Cloud 9 Pilates Italy Retreat
Cloud 9 Pilates Italy Retreat
73030 Castro, Province of Lecce, Italy
07 Jun, 2024

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Cloud 9 Retreat
Cloud 9 Retreat
Aseredores, Nicaragua
01 Feb, 2020
Cloud 9 Pilates Restore & Reawaken Retreat
Cloud 9 Pilates Restore & Reawaken Retreat
Paamul, Quintana Roo, Mexico
11 Feb, 2023


This trip was incredible so many wonderful aspects that just made the experience exceptional.
By Katherine R for Cloud 9 Pilates Restore & Reawaken Retreat on Feb 28, 2023
This was my third retreat with Alwynn and it was nothing short of spectacular. The week was filled with positivity, movement, relaxation, fun, adventure, laughter, delicious eats and most importantly, heartfelt connections and love. I created some of the best memories of my life and bonds that will last a lifetime. Thank you Alwynn for being the lovely human that you are. I will follow you wherever you go!
By SW K for Cloud 9 Pilates Restore & Reawaken Retreat on Feb 21, 2023


I've gone on two pilates retreats with Alwynn and couldn't recommend it enough. Anyone who has practiced pilates with Alwynn knows her classes are an incredible mix of mindful connection with the body and a challenging strengthening practice. You can really feel the amount of thought and creativity that goes into both the pilates classes and the retreat experience itself. Whether you choose to engage in a more interactive community experience with the group, or want to use this time to cultivate alone time and privately connect with yourself - the choice is yours. It's a very comfortable, quietly supportive environment with no pressure at all. Either way, there's a little bit of magic that comes from Alwynn's group experiences and just being around likeminded, likespirted individuals. And that bit is priceless. I will absolutely attend another retreat with Alwynn in the future.
By Alexandra F on 17 Oct, 2023
I had the privilege and pleasure of being part of Alwynn's 2023 retreat in Mexico. It truly was an experience tailored to recharging your mind, body and soul. We had a good balance of down time around the pool and super fun group activities between pilates classes. My favourite excursion was exploring a Mexican cenote not far from our villa. It felt totally magical swimming in the crystal-clear waters. In typical Alwynn style, all movement classes felt safe, inclusive and unpretentious. We had a wide range of pilates experience levels in our group but all movement felt achievable with room to modify if need be. Pilates aside, the personal connections I made have blossomed into friendships after the retreat. Alwynn and everyone who works with her are so warm and open, and she attracts like-minded people to her retreats. I highly recommend this experience for long-time pilates lovers or newbies just looking to relax and connect.
By Rachel K on 16 Oct, 2023
Retreats can be a crapshoot. Will the people be cool? Will the place be nice? Will there be stuff to do? Otherwise, why not just do Pilates at home. As someone who has been on 11 retreats over the past seven years, I can say with great confidence that Alwynn’s retreats are top notch. She pays attention to small details. She attracts people that are funny, smart, and thoughtful. Her warmth and empathy are unmatched. Her classes are very rewarding. I left her most recent retreat feeling lighter. I look forward to the next one, knowing it will be a fantastic experience on many levels.
By Angela M on 10 Oct, 2023