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Amar Sharma

About Me

An amateur astronomer for last 16 years, one who chose to make his profession popularizing astronomy and making the society look up at the night sky. An experienced observational astronomer having spent thousands of hours under the night sky, Amar is also far too involved in many other creative areas of astronomy. He's an: invigorated communicator; extremely expressive writer; author of the upcoming deepest book on amateur astronomy; compiler of encyclopedia on 20th century comet hunters; discoverers; ccd camera imager; astrosketcher; dark sky conservator; fighter of light pollution; aspiring documentary film maker; pioneer of astronomy tourism in India; and more. Amar happens to be the first accidental discoverer of a celestial object (Mira-type variable star) using a ccd camera in personal capacity, in the modern history of India! World renowned comet hunter David Levy honoured him with his own asteroid discovery as "380607 Sharma"! He's India's *most* active amateur astronomer!



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Canary Islands Astronomy Tour
Canary Islands Astronomy Tour
Canary Islands, Spain
Nov 15, 2017
Seychelles Astronomy Tour
Seychelles Astronomy Tour
La Digue, Seychelles
Aug 05, 2018
Canarian Astronomy Tour
Canarian Astronomy Tour
Canary Islands, Spain
Aug 11, 2018