What was advertised as a Motor Coach was actually a mini-bus (20-25 seater) without rest room facilities. When we started out, we were told that it would be a 3.5 hour drive to Memphis, and that there were no scheduled stops. The advertised lunch voucher was disappointing. The restaurant was poorly staffed, with no direction provided as to how the buffet was to flow. There were few choices, and some of the advertised items were not available. The self-guided tour did work well. While many of the staff of the facility were helpful, there were the few who were not cooperative, and not understanding of the physical limitations of the guests. Example is when the option was given by the facility bus to drop off at the gift shop/plane display or go back to the main building. If you got off at the gift shop/plane display you were expected to walk up to the main building, rather than take a later bus back to the main building, when the buses were going there anyway. The tour guide Carmen was very knowledgeable and courteous, as was the driver. But unfortunately their great attitude and demeanor did not make up for the poor scheduling of the ride and less-than-par facility staffing and facilities.
By Walter W for Memphis Day Trip - 7/30 from 9am to 9pm on Aug 07, 2022