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Andrea Saenz & Naseem Murakami
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We are artists, healers and educators who are passionate about helping people and the planet through our gifts and talents. Andrea Saenz Naseem Murakami


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It was a huge learning lesson for the retreat owner and the Elixir of Life staff. The owner of the resort failed to have the resort ready in time and therefore, when everyone arrived, we were all shocked to find that it did not appear as the images portrayed. It was dirty and unclean. Looked like it was pieced together and unfinished. The decor did not seem in alignment with holistic healing environments..they had black/white plastic like furniture with HOT PINK fabric. Glass table which all looked like a cheap bar or little girls room....The photos showed a beautiful lawn howver the reality is there is NO grass. Very dry and lots of dirt and old concrete peices laying around etc.... The yoga studio was the only room that was nice. The hosts/leaders of the event were very kind and tried to accomodate the guest's disappointments as much as possible but after a couple of days it was evident that the energy for the event was no longer there and it had to end. The Owner of the retreat, Vida Lotus was very rude and unapologetic regarding his lack preparation and retreat responsibilities. He did return my money after a phone call that I had with him and the Elixir of Life coordinators. I am not sure he returned the other guests. Because of the unsatisfaction of the place and lack of preparation by the resort owner, everyone had to be displaced and therefore incurred additional expenses. I did get a private session from the Elixir of LIfe sound therapists and it was amazing. It is a shame that they were unable to perform their beautiful energy healing with the others. I would recommend this retreat but not at this accomodation/location Vida Lotus Panama.