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Born in the magical land of Colombia, Andres has been practicing Yoga for more than 25 years, besides traveling and studying intensively in India, Andres is an accomplished yoga teacher, retreat facilitator and Kirtan leader worldwide based in Los Angeles, CA. Andres is the founder of Power Soul Yoga a dynamic, a soulful and well rounded approach into the science of Yoga. His teaching style promotes equanimity, traveling through the principles of Yoga as a therapy, empowering students to trust their own experience with sensitivity and intimacy, and merging the ancient and sacred with the contemporary. Power Soul Yoga emphasizes the most natural tools of enhancing personal and global union with the Supreme. Seeking to reestablish planetary balance and facilitating the way back into the place that we all truly belong, the sacredness of our own hearts. Andres has been an innovator creating an organic and uplifting fusion between the genuine essence of Kirtan (chanting) and contemporary rhythms. As described by iconic Kirtan leader Jai Uttal, “Andres’ Kirtan style is charged with stirring beats that help to find the way home to the great heart.” He has also been named “ The Lion of Bhakti Yoga” delivering a brave and soulful approach through his Kirtans.

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YOGA + SEA + RELAX - Colombia
YOGA + SEA + RELAX - Colombia
Buritaca - Magdalena, Colombia
May 11, 2017
Buritaca, Santa Marta, Magdalena, Colombia
Aug 31, 2018


It is easy to describe a trip when talking about the tangible things like the food you eat or bed you sleep in. With regards to those more straightforward aspects of my trip to Gitana Del Mar with Andres, all I can say is that I felt like I was in a dream. Waking up to the sounds of tropical birds to take a walk to the beach via a path of palm and coconut trees. This must be what heaven feels like. Take into account the food that was served and there’s no doubt this was worth every penny. What made this trip stand out for me though did not stem from the physical and tangible. The value that lingered for months after was due to Andres and his love for yoga and all that it entails. Coming from California, where the practice of yoga has become a part of much of the culture, it is easy to be misinformed or unaware of how broad the practice of yoga is and what it can do for you. Andres shared his knowledge with us not because it is a way to make a living but because it is truly what he loves to do. And because of that I am a more wise version of myself than before. Most vacations we take we enjoy only in the moment of experiencing it. This one was different. I’ve learned how to manage myself, my emotions and relationships in a more practical way since returning home. And for that I am forever grateful. If you’re on the fence about working with Andres. Do it. If you think it may be too expensive. It’s not. The money I spent was the most worthwhile purchase I’ve made. The money will come back in the short or long term. Chances to experience this won’t.
The "Let Go - Colombia - Yoga Retreat" surpassed my expectations. I have tremendous gratitude for Andres, Emma and the other retreat attendees. At the risk of sounding cliche, the five day experience truly did change my life. Andres is highly educated in the four paths of yoga. He is a brilliant teacher with a grounded and gentle approach. The proper combination of the active yoga sessions, mediation and kirtan provided for a well rounded and balanced experience. Gitana Del Mar is a resort unlike any other in the heart of the world. The food was robust in taste, ample in portion and prepared to accommodate all attendees' dietary restrictions. The bungalows were tidy, spacious, and provided a relaxing sleeping experience. I highly recommend the spa treatments. Andres practices what he teaches: walk proudly with a humble heart, be gentle, and keep kindness at the forefront of our attention. I look forward to the next retreat. As a messenger of love, xo. Megan
Every aspect of this retreat was amazing! I would recommend any yoga retreat that Andres is hosting to anyone considering. It was our first retreat and we will definitely be going to more in the future. Andres is truly a master of his craft. He knows how to connect with everyone, and make you feel comfortable. He is a great spiritual guide and teacher. Anyone trying to better yourself mentally or physically put this on your list. The location in Ojai was magical, really great place to host something like this. Food was amazing as well from Chef Evan. I would highly recommend to anyone considering this!
I had a fabulous time. Great food, great team, great yoga sessions, great location. Great everything. Andres dedicated us all of his precious time and that was priceless and amazing. Namaste!!!