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Andres Salcedo
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Born in the magical land of Colombia, Andres has been practicing Yoga for more than 25 years, besides traveling and studying intensively in India, Andres is an accomplished yoga teacher, retreat facilitator and Kirtan leader worldwide based in Los Angeles, CA. Andres is the founder of Power Soul Yoga a dynamic, a soulful and well rounded approach into the science of Yoga. His teaching style promotes equanimity, traveling through the principles of Yoga as a therapy, empowering students to trust their own experience with sensitivity and intimacy, and merging the ancient and sacred with the contemporary. Power Soul Yoga emphasizes the most natural tools of enhancing personal and global union with the Supreme. Seeking to reestablish planetary balance and facilitating the way back into the place that we all truly belong, the sacredness of our own hearts. Andres has been an innovator creating an organic and uplifting fusion between the genuine essence of Kirtan (chanting) and contemporary rhythms. As described by iconic Kirtan leader Jai Uttal, “Andres’ Kirtan style is charged with stirring beats that help to find the way home to the great heart.” He has also been named “ The Lion of Bhakti Yoga” delivering a brave and soulful approach through his Kirtans.

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Overall, I had a nice time. It was a bit pricey. I sort of felt alienated by Andres at some points. If I could do it again, I'd negotiate down the price. The food was really good. The beach was also nice. The rooms were ok. They are open air rooms where I got bit by mosquitoes every night. The spa services were nice. I liked the resort over all. I'm mostly docking stars for my overall yoga related experience. I expected more out of the yoga sessions. I expected them to be more rigorous and for Andres to give us more individual instruction and attention. I went hoping I could have attention to achieve crow pose and a head stand by myself. It just didn't happen that way. At one point, I remember feeling the most free when we got a measly few minutes to do our own flow which came to an abrupt end since it was on the last day and he had to hurry to have breakfast and leave the resort. We had two moms on the trip. We had Andres's mom, and his friend's mom who were both very nice and sweet. However, I feel that them being on the trip presented some encumbrance on the curriculum of the yoga classes. Not by any fault of their own, but because Andres just blanketed the classes to pretty much cater to beginner level difficulty. Other people on the trip and I would walk away from each session scratching our heads, saying to each other, "Well, I was expecting to leave sweating and catching my breath... but that was a fun little stretch I guess". I think Andres toned down the difficulty of the classes significantly to accommodate this demographic of the students. I think this took away from the rest of the group that wanted to experience more personal growth in their yoga practice. I think what could have improved the experience is if Andres gave more individualized instructions to accommodate all levels of practice. There were only 6 of us there. Surely he could have done this. But nope. Andres also tried to enforce a no alcohol rule which upset me and basically instilled in me that he didn't really have any empathy or sense of where people might be coming from who want to be able to order drinks while on vacation. It's easy to think that it's hunky dory and a part of the spiritual experience to not enjoy alcohol while you're on a yoga retreat if you are in a yoga instructor bubble where your life for over a month straight is going to be in paradise anyway... For me, at least, as a white collar worker with a time consuming and stressful job and life, I wanted to be able to order pina coladas at my convenience during my vacation overlooking a Caribbean beach while lying in a hammock. Andres's brazen suggestion for me to not enjoy recreational chemicals during my vacation just caught me off guard. I could go to Passages Malibu and stay in a resort style room with yoga classes if I was looking for a sober living experience. We are people with different interpretations of what constitutes well being... mine incorporating my tropical drink fantasies, and his incorporating anti-vaccine propaganda. Different people. Different points of view. He should have just left me alone on this and not try to ruin my quiet enjoyment. My last criticism is on Andres's communication level with students. Personally, if someone gave me $1,300 to give them an experience for 5 days, I would go above and beyond to make sure they were comfortable and accounted for. In my everyday job as an executive assistant, even a 2 minute personal phone call I make may be interpreted as a disrespect of my boss's time while I'm at work. I certainly don't make $1,300 in a 5 day work week, let alone per student! Andres was sort of difficult to get a hold of to communicate with just in general. I feel bad because he did introduce me to some cool people he knew to hang out with while I was visiting another city on the way to the retreat which was super cool of him.. but other things just weren't cool. Basically, he had me wait for a cab at a hotel he chose instead of offering to have it take me from the hotel I was checking out of which made for an awkward interaction with the hotel staff at the interim hotel who basically was like "why are you storing your stuff here even though you're not staying here?" with their attitude. It was just a faux pas on Andres's part that these people weren't in the know that we would be coming here to wait on a cab. At one point during the retreat, Andres went off to do personal activities while the rest of us waited for him to have lunch together. He basically excused this with "well I told resort staff to let you guys know but they forgot to tell you". Basically, he didn't want to acknowledge the fact that him going away to do personal stuff in the first place during the retreat was disrespectful of our time and the money we spent to be there. When presented with this point of view, he goes on tangential stories about how he went on a retreat he didn't pay for at some point in his life so he was humble and had no feelings of entitlement in that situation, insinuating that we should adopt that train of thought too for the situation we were in. That's just not good enough for me to settle on, to be honest. I guess I'm just not evolved enough in my practice to see it his way. Oh well. Anyway, the retreat over all was OK. It would have been less expensive and more gainful if I just booked a room there any other time with all inclusive breakfast, lunch and dinner while taking independent yoga classes at my leisure. It's not that I don't appreciate private retreat classes. I did know I was paying well above market for the actual retreat other than the lodging and food, but I simply feel that I could have gained more from going to yoga classes at my gym 3 times a day than attending the 3 sessions a day included in the retreat. The sessions just weren't special enough to justify the expense. I know I could have just written 5 stars and thus avoid any awkward interactions I may have with Andres in the future... However, I feel my concerns are constructive and valuable, especially since Andres basically doesn't answer any of my messages anyway. I think it's only fair for him to get to reflect on a real review of this retreat so he can make the future ones better.
I had a fabulous time. Great food, great team, great yoga sessions, great location. Great everything. Andres dedicated us all of his precious time and that was priceless and amazing. Namaste!!!