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Tranquil Tulum
Tranquil Tulum
Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
07 Feb, 2024


I went on Angela’s retreat to get away from the day to day, enjoy time out in nature and overall simplify for a few days. There was a true sense of ease - the whole retreat was planned, the meals, the activities, the yoga practices. The yoga practice was accessible and anyone at any level could practice with what made sense for their body. Beyond the yoga practice, there were a self-discovery and reflection sessions. Angela’s facilitation and deep coaching experience allowed me to take away something more meaningful and actionable from the retreat. Overall the retreat was restorative which was what I needed.
By Renee A for Spark! Your Soul Women's Wknd- Sold Out!! on Aug 03, 2023
Spark! Your Summer Luxury Urbanna VA Retreat was everything I was hoping for in a wellness weekend. Gari & Matt are tremendously gracious hosts; the Chesapeake Inn is a phenomenal resort with world class accommodations. Angela Wagner gave incredible Yoga instruction to a newbie like myself and the workshops were filled with self-reflection exercises that left a lasting impression on me. A fantastic, relaxing weekend in a gorgeous setting with delicious meals and lot of laughs with forward thinking individuals. I can't wait to take part in the next one.
By Colleen M for Spark! Your Summer Luxury Urbanna Retreat on Jul 21, 2023
What an amazing trip for my body and soul! The location was outstanding, the food was devine and the Sessions were exactly what I needed to reground myself. Angela does an outstanding job of striking the best balance of activities that feed your soul. I can’t wait for the next trip!
By Heidi P for Spark! Your Soul Women's Wknd- Sold Out!! on May 30, 2023