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Anna Argeropoulos
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So eye-opening. We had the opportunity to learn a lot and see so much, but also to just stay at the inn and relax with no judgement. The ONLY part I didn’t like about this trip was when I needed to come home.
This retreat was magical, memorable and I can't wait for next year! Anna clearly poured so much energy and love into the planning of this trip. The accommodations at the inn were great - such a charming space and very comfortable. By the end of the weekend, it felt like home. Not to mention, the hot tub was a nice amenity that everyone seemed to enjoy. And the food! The food prepared for us each day accommodated everyone's dietary needs and was incredibly delicious. The excursions we went on were tons of fun and really gave us the opportunity to explore the town and surrounding area. It's such a beautiful part of the UP, full of history - I feel incredibly grateful to have been guided through it by a family that has so much love for it. And of course, the yoga portion of the retreat was phenomenal. Each class was perfect in its own unique way. Anna's teaching is a true gift and it was wonderful to have her class to wake up to in the morning and to ease us into relaxation before bed. She gave us every opportunity to explore, to be adventurous, to try new things and to learn a lot about each other, ourselves and the glorious Keweenaw Peninsula. I recommend this trip to anyone who wants a truly formative and down-to-earth yoga retreat experience.
This trip was incredible! It felt like a fun up north girls weekend with a little yoga mixed in. If you ever go to Keweenaw, it is a MUST that you go with someone as familiar with the area as Anna and her family. Anna did an incredible job coordinating and planning the weekend. Each yoga practice was themed around one of the 5 elements- earth, water, fire, air and ether. It was perfect! The rooms were also themed with one of the elements, so if the practice was your room's element you got to make a special request for class! Our first day consisted of an energizing yoga practice, great breakfast suitable for all dietary needs, 5 mile scenic/historical walk around Calumet, a homemade sushi bowl for lunch(my new fave meal), trip to the beach, a second yoga practice, sitting in an authentic Finnish sauna and ended with an bonfire on the beach as we watch the most beautiful sunset of my life over Lake Superior. Can you believe that was all day one!? The second day started out with a fiery morning yoga practice followed by breakfast. We then packed up our lunches to head out and explore the rest of Keweenaw County. We drove up to Brockway Mountain Drive to take in the spectacular views of the valley of trees surrounding Lake Superior. The rest of the afternoon consisted of a fun lunch on a pier with another gorgeous view, a visit to a historical lighthouse, bought jam made by monks at Jam Pot, explored a waterfall and then swam in a river. The second practice of the day ended being pretty late at night and ultimately was my favorite practice of the weekend. We were all pretty tired from our adventures that day so Anna planned an impromptu restorative and relaxing practice of seated and lying down poses. The best part was that she chanted/sang almost the entire practice. She has such a beautiful voice that I couldn't believe how lucky we were to experience this uniquely intimate practice. The last morning we had our final yoga practice, breakfast and then everyone was free to head home or make one last stop at the beach. I already can't wait for next year!!
I had an absolutely amazing time. Everything was flawless from, the nature, to the food,4 to the ambiance and of course the Yoga. Thank you so much for an exceptional retreat experience!