I had a great retreat in a beautiful location. The food was delicious served with a quiet respectful smile. The sauna, pool and outdoor shower added a plus to my experience.
By Andrea K for Mindfulness and Generosity Retreat on Aug 14, 2018
What a marvelous experience, HeartArt at Dharma Camp! I marvel at just how much I did, learned, shared, enjoyed myself together with a group of people I'd only just met! From the initial, warm greeting by the organizers, replete with snacks and cozy introductions, the tone was set for a safe and sure exploration of understanding, experiencing and applying Buddhist Compassion to everyday life, through the medium of art. The leaders set the tone, making for a comfortable environment for us to have fun while we created art literally based on Jon Landaw's impactful Dharma teaching on Bodhicitta. We were touched and we touched one another's hearts, truly., We laughed and cried together, we listened and questioned and considered and shared -- and came together, each in her very own authentic way. What a marvelous experience, one that continues even now, days later, as I continue to read and write in the provided journal and to practice lessons learned. What's the most stars I can give? That number, plus two more, for the creators of this event.
By Marlin P for July Heart Art on Jul 11, 2018