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Arielle and Sabrina are blood sisters living on similar paths. For the past three years, Sabrina has shared Womb Wisdom Transmissions, Herbal Yoni Steam Consultations & Yoni Egg Crystal Practice in circles, rituals and gatherings across California, New York & Oregon. She has merged with moon magic, the phases of our menstrual cycle, feminine archetypes, tantric dance with wise teachers and embodies the work through her own daily rituals and connection to her womb space. She is an intuitive coach who has guided sistars towards successful pregnancies, connection to nature, our primal heart and releasing that which does not serve to plant the seeds for our deepest desires to blossom and manifest. Arielle is a clinical herbalist learning formally and intuitively how to guide people to heal and evolve with the power of plants.

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Wisdom of the Sacred Womb
Wisdom of the Sacred Womb
Raven Crest Botanicals 842 Canaday Hill Road Berne, NY 12023
Jul 20, 2018