Past Trips


Pat is a superior hostess and provides excellent food and service. Very generous! It was an excellent experience. I would not hesitate to attend another art workshop here in the future.
By Alyson W for Margaret Dyer - The Figure in its Environment on 06 Nov, 2022
Kim‘s workshop was amazing! Through her paced tutorials and guided practice, Kim demystified the process of painting with oils while enlarging the fun and freedom of the medium. She taught us to embrace the “messy middle”, reaching outside our comfort zones, then how to bring peace to the chaos by focusing first on placing the darks and adding highlights at the end, resulting in a beautifully gratifying final product. Her ease with the paints and simple approach to teaching allowed us to succeed with our own process through a light touch and “less is more” approach. Kim’s joyful and calm demeanor offered positive encouragement and support along the way, often reminding us to banish our own inner-critic. She encouraged us to trust the process with patience and to embrace our own styles. I am eager to take another class from Kim to continue growing in my own confidence as an artist. The Connecticut River Valley Inn, hosted by Pat and Wayne, was a thoughtful artist’s retreat that was welcoming and supportive. Pat, an artist herself, designed the perfect studio space and provided the behind the scenes comforts of thoughtful and accommodating meals, beautiful surroundings, and just the right amount of engagement. It was the perfect place for painting and relaxing. Thank you Pat!!
By Leigh L for Kim Myers Smith - Painting Spring in New England on 28 May, 2022
Thank you so much for your kind review. I am in my element when I host these retreats, doing all I can to make it a wonderful experience… and, being an artist myself it is very fulfilling to meet kindred spirits in the art/creativity world. Kim is definitely a wonderful teacher. I am so happy she took me up on my invitation to her to teach at The Connecticut River Valley Inn. I am hoping she comes back again…. And I hope you do as well All the students were so much fun to have around. I was happy to serve each and every one of them.
By Artists Rising on 28 May, 2022