Bellissima location, pace e tranquillità. Ottima accoglienza.
By Silvia Maria N for Gathering Fuoco Sacro - Lake Orta 2024 on Jan 17, 2024
Everything was super! Trying to think out of smth that can be improved... Nothing comes to my mind. May be because I did not experience any issue? Ok, it would be fine to have smth soft to sit on and smth to lean on during ceremonies as it was a challenge for my spine used to sit in front of the computer to stay without back support :-)) Next year I will bring smth with me. Thanks to all who put his energy to organize such an event. Now I think that VQ is the event of the year and dream about coming again (more prepared ;-)) Writing this from my home village, after playing on my brand new ukulele, that I took in my hands for the first time being on this VQ, and now being able to play. I am very surprised with myself :-))) Praying for your health and power! Aho!
By Maxim L for Vision Quest - Nina Urcu 2022 on Jul 27, 2022
Unforgettable experience & super professional organisation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
By Sara T for Vision Quest - Nina Urcu 2022 on Jul 26, 2022


Over the years, this vision quest has become a tradition that has enriched my life in countless ways; has deepened my connection to nature and brought inner peace. The transformative ceremonies, and the delicious food all contributed to making this an unforgettable experience. And as always, the sense of community among the participants, who return year after year, is heartwarming. To anyone considering a vision quest, I wholeheartedly recommend this experience. It is a sacred journey that will touch your heart and soul. The love, happiness, and sense of unity you will encounter are beyond words, and it is an experience that will remain in your heart forever. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Dario, Santiago, Andrea, Jelena!!! and the entire team for curating this experience and for being the guiding lights on this beautiful path of self-discovery. Until next year!
By Elena D on 25 Jul, 2023