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Bravos Playoff Trip 2022
Bravos Playoff Trip 2022
Bravos Playoffs Trip 2022
10 Oct, 2022
Bravos vs Philly Playoff *Tailgate*
Bravos vs Philly Playoff *Tailgate*
Punch Bowl Social @ The Battery
12 Oct, 2022


This was a well organized scam to keep deposit money as far as I can tell. To tell us the week before the game that 2 main aspects of the trip--the pregame party and transportation to and from the game--were cancelled is amateur at best. I have yet to hear from any of the organizers about my cancellation or receiving any refund based on their inability to deliver what they advertised. I will never use this organization and will recommend that others don't either.
By Susan B for Tickets for Dawgs in Knoxville on Nov 21, 2023
I would say everything was exactly as advertised, but that would be a disservice. It was better than I thought it would be and I can’t recommend booking one of their trips enough.
By Andrew G for Bravos in Chicago on Aug 08, 2023
Great trip! Matt was an excellent host!
By Chad M for Bravos Spring Training on Mar 15, 2023