Past Trips


Heartfelt, extremely professional, passionate and life changing. Grace and Bashar brought their best to transform the lives of everyone in the group and ensured that every need of the group was met. It was a supportive friendly and welcoming environment that was inclusive of people of any age and background. We would highly recommend it to anyone out there !
By Anmol A for GLO Costa Rica - Week 2, RAW LOVE on Oct 20, 2022
This was a wonderful retreat. Truly transformative. Grace and Bashar were absolutely the most perfect retreat leaders. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.
By Barbara Z for GLO Costa Rica - Week 2, RAW LOVE on Oct 18, 2022
The entire experience was 5+ stars! The accommodations, the food, the support and the information. I could not be happier that I attended, cannot wait to go again. Thank you so much for everything!
By Jodine M for GLO Costa Rica - Week 2, RAW LOVE on Oct 18, 2022