Past Trips


I did not know what to expect at first and with each day it became better to amazing. I had an incredibly amazing time. I will do this trip every year without a thought. Regine and Rosyln were wonderful. The activities and workshops planned were beautiful. If you are looking to meet other woman and put yourself first this is for you. If you are looking to heal while working on your mental, physical and psychosocial well being then this is also for you. When is the last time you took an intentional trip/vacation? This is the time, the time is now!
By Felisha B for be Morr Radiant: Discovering Your True Essence and Purpose on Nov 30, 2023
This trip was refreshing, invigorating, and exciting to connect with other women of color in different journeys of their lives. It was a great way to get away from work and reconnect and engage in workshops that provided deeper insight and self-awareness. I felt empowered in so many different aspects in my life and inspired by other women's courage, vulnerability, strength, and kindness.
By Layla A for be Morr Radiant: Discovering Your True Essence and Purpose on Nov 29, 2023
I cannot thank be Morr enough for curating this life changing trip for us. Being in the helping field you usually put others needs before yours but this retreat reminded me that I deserve to be taken care of as well as putting myself first. I cannot praise Roslyn and Regine enough for everything from bringing extra bug spray to being intentional with the workshops and goodie bags/box that we all received. I cannot wait for the next retreat!
By Joann N for be Morr Radiant: Discovering Your True Essence and Purpose on Nov 27, 2023


I traveled with Be Morr for their first international wellness retreat experience in November 2023. The experience was everything I anticipated and more - beautiful venue/views, thought-provoking conversations, moments of silence and self-reflection, delicious nutritious food, and an awesome group of women of color. Rosyln and Regine went above and beyond for all of the attendees to feel welcomed and taken care of. I really couldn't ask for more!
By Chanelle S on 29 Nov, 2023
Traveling to El Salvador with Be Morr was the perfect excuse to stop, reflect, and form community. I would recommend attending events with these women.
By Peggy C on 25 Nov, 2023
This retreat surpassed any and all expectations I could have had. First, the level of organization, attention to detail, and concern for safety and well-being were A+. As someone who'd never traveled to Central America, and didn't know what to expect, I felt well cared for from the weeks leading up to the flight to landing safely back home. Roslyn and Regine were extremely nurturing, and made us all feel very taken care of— and that was just in the logistics. 1-on-1 beachfront check-ins, personal portrait photography, curated dinners, field trips, hikes, and still plenty of downtime for lying in hammocks, wading in infinity pools, and journaling before the ocean. This was the experience I didn't know I needed. I'm a life-long Be Morr fan, and will go any and everywhere with them. They are changing and enhancing the lives of women of color, with love, compassion, grace, and joy.
By Tanya B on 16 Nov, 2023