Past Trips

Art of Adventure
Art of Adventure
Long Creek, SC, USA
19 Jul, 2019
Return to Bliss
Return to Bliss
Hot Springs, NC, USA
25 Jul, 2019


This was my first retreat!!!! It was perfect. I began to feel my personal BLISS before bedtime on the first night. Thank you to everyone at the retreat for sharing their good energy.
By Deb E for Return to Bliss on Aug 03, 2019
I have nothing but love and gratitude for the gift of this past weekend’s experience. It was everything I was looking for after a trying and stressful summer. Shelly and su thought of every accommodation and comfort including making me a comfortable reading nook when they saw I wanted to spend some time reading. I was waited on hand and foot ( not what I was expecting or looking for ) while connecting and bonding with the group. The ceremonies and ritual yoga left me feeling deeply contented. I also have to mention how full and revitalized I felt as was an endless supply of juices, meals, snacks, and teas. I am already anticipating my next trip thank you again becoming bohemian retreats!
By Kristen O for Return to Bliss on Jul 30, 2019