Past Trips


We had a wonderful time. Confusion on the tickets (meal and table and bus) Confusion on where we would be picked up. The concert was good. Food was good. If you have stomach issues, the place was huge. Long lines at the bathrooms. Would think twice on going with organization again.
By Catherine C for Newburyport Sr. Center- ABBA Tribute Show - Thursday 11/16/2023 on Nov 25, 2023
We made this event a family one with my daughter at 44 being one of the youngest. The room was lovely with white table cloths, fall color napkins and chandeliers. The meals started with rolls and water on the table. A salad was brought to each person then the main course of Thanksgiving with a slice of carrot cake. Time to stretch and walk outside to overlook the marina. Now the tribute to Abba. They did an exellent job. They engaged the audience and some got up to dance. So as Abba sang 'take a chance on me' we did and will again.
By Cheryl H for Best of Times Trvl - ABBA Tribute Show - Thursday 11/16/2023 on Nov 19, 2023
I traveled in my own vehicle The show was incredible I think this performance was one of the best ever
By Jill G for Best of Times Trvl - ABBA Tribute Show - Thursday 11/16/2023 on Nov 18, 2023