Past Trips


We had a wonderful time. Starting eith the bus driver. The band was awesome, they got down on the floor and danced with the audience. Delicious food. A great fun day.
By Elizabeth P for GoodLife Programs - Jimmy Buffett Tribute - Thursday 7/18/2024 on Jul 20, 2024
We are we arrive late because bus was an hour and 10 minutes late and the show had already Begun. The other guest who had Arrived on time received lays and headband appropriate to the event. The bus was filthy dirty and many of the seat belts were broken. The food at Foster was good and served well. The blueberry cake was terrible. The band was OK but too loud. I won’t do another best of times event overall unsatisfactory
By Suzanne H for Linden Ponds - Jimmy Buffett Tribute - Tuesday 7/16/24 on Jul 20, 2024
The band was good, but WAY TOO LOUD. And that ’s not just me - my iphone vibrated and said that the noise in the room was over 90 decibels and that I shouldn’t stay in the room for more that 30 minutes or I could injure my hearing. My phone told me that twice! Foster’s was a nice venue, but not good acoustics. I would have enjoyed the music much more if it were not at ear splitting levels. The lobster meal was very good. The bus driver was very good, but the bus was not. There was no cup holder or seat back pouch to put water bottles or a book or sweater in. Nothing at all on the seat back, so we had to hold our water bottle in our hands for 3 hours. Also the air conditioning was on but the vents overhead were not adjustable, so we had too cold air blowing on us for the 3 hours up and back.
By Patricia H for Travel Club at Oak Point - Jimmy Buffett Tribute - Wednesday 7/17/24 on Jul 19, 2024