Past Trips

Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico
14 Mar, 2020
Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico
25 May, 2020


The workouts taught by Beverley are my favourite part of the retreat, she definitely pushed us out of our comfort zone, absolutely loved it! Even though I had an old injury, I was able to do all of the workouts (some with modifications suggested by Beverly). AND, I thoroughly enjoyed the daily meditation/Yoga taught by Timea which was so relaxing. I really enjoyed dinner every night where we got to spend time to get to know everyone! Only downside was that I wished that the beach excursion time was spent with everyone, instead of different groups doing their own things. Overall, I had a very wonderful experience right from when I entered the resort room until the last night where we let loose with our mates. So, thank you Beverley and Veronica! I hope I can attend one of your retreats again! xoxo
By Jaslin S for Fitness & Health Retreat - The Ultimate Sweataway on Dec 08, 2019
Thanks to Beverley's level of engagement and Veronica's precision and meticulous organization, the Ultimate Sweataway greatly exceeded expectations. The Eco resort was great as was food and drink. The group activities were really amazing and see awesome workouts with a lot using simply body weight. I would have liked a little bit more down time to lay by the pool/beach. I would also preferred a more engaging excursion like going on a catamaran and snorkeling especially if Cozumel is notorious for it. Some of the Mayan activities were a bit of a snoozer. What was most memorable was hands down the people. I got to meet so many strong and incredible humans. I only wish we had another 1-2 days together to have more time together. Overall, highly highly recommend!
By David R for Fitness & Health Retreat - The Ultimate Sweataway on Apr 05, 2019
I truly had an amazing week with Beverly and would recommend everyone to embark on this amazing retreat with her if you have the opportunity. From arrival to departure, you can tell that her team really put in a lot of thought into the workouts, group activities. It was the perfect combination of getting your butt kicked, relaxing by the beach/pool, and restorative yoga and stretching session.
By Rene C for Fitness & Health Retreat - The Ultimate Sweataway on Mar 31, 2019