I've never been on a trip like this before. I've been to a few islands, I've been to a few resorts, and I've had excellent service, but I've never been on a trip like this before. From the moment I sent my deposit, Jesse was already making sure that I was having the best experience possible. From helping me book flights, to making sure I had plenty of vegan options, to even writing me a wonderful hand-written note, Jesse's appreciation for his guests, and the attention to detail he's applied into curating this trip are truly just different. In the best ways possible. If I had to describe this trip to a friend who was interested in going, I would say that this trip is for anyone who is open to meeting new people and creating connections. That's literally the only commitment you need to make. Jesse will handle the rest. I know it could sound a little scary to travel with people you've never met before, but life truly begins at the end of your comfort zone. This trip was an absolute 10 out of 10 BLAST and you will not be disappointed! My Key Highlights: 1. Yachting Around The Islands 2. The Group of People 3. Yoga on the Beach 4. Playing Basketball w/ the Local Kids 5. Hiking/Overcoming my Fear of Heights
By Luke N for St. John USVI 🏝 Caribbean Island 🦎 Experience on Jul 06, 2022