BLACK HOLLYWOOD REVIEW: I enjoyed myself to the max. I believe it was honestly what I needed to reset my mindset for my business. For him to host a group of primarily entreprenuers was a game changer. We were able to hold conversation and a level of intelligence with each other & nothing got out of hand. Not one personality outweighed the next. We stayed together as a group, even when we experienced some moments happened where we had to split. It was still all good. In a group of strangers, Im normally the one who stands out of crowd. I felt so comfortable with everyone. I will definitely do this again. I did look at Jamaica. I want to go but Ive committed myself to something. If I can figure out the logistics of the showcase and everything is in line, I would be more than happy to join BLACK HOLLYWOOD again. He did a great job with Dubai 2022. And BLACK HOLLYWOOD as “our leader“ lol, he left his mark. I’m proud of him. 🥂 #CheersMyFriend
By Jaida W for Black Hollywood Travel presents Destination Dubai on 15 May, 2022