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Bluexperience Freedive & Yoga

About Me

It's time to make you live privileged moments by regaining contact with nature through our ecoresponsible universe. We propose two sensorial themes: the maritime approach with BlueXperience and the terrestrial adventure with GreenXperience. You are going to make an inner journey during which you will be able to introduce yourself or to improve yourself to the freediving and / or the yoga. ​ Through Bluexperience we want to reconnect you with the aquatic environment and make you discover your diving reflex. This trigger of genes that we share with all marine mammals. You will explore your deep self, discover in yourself unsuspected abilities while keeping your level of consciousness. ​ With Greenxperience you will experience a land adventure through a sensory approach to the jungle. You will listen to the sounds and scents of nature during the observation of wild animals. The meditation sessions will take place at dawn and dusk for exceptional moments of connection with nature.


Sri Lanka

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