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I had a wonderful experience on this trip with Bookbag Tours! It was well organized and I was surrounded by amazing views, food, and people! My favorite part was scuba diving in Santorini. How many people get to brag about that?! I'm glad I brought my walking shoes- I got over 10,000 steps in everyday LOL. I enjoyed utilizing the public transportation, but for a new traveler it can be overwhelming. Throughout the trip, we immersed ourselves with all that Greece has to offer- and it offers SO MUCH! Each day we learned something new. I would highly recommend the Greece trip and Bookbag tours!
By Shelby C for Greece June 27th - July 5th, 2022 on 19 Aug, 2022
By Kristen C for Northern Ireland and Scotland : July 19 - 29, 2022 on 09 Aug, 2022
I had an amazing time! We saw so many beautiful places. The hotels were nice and all the leaders and other teachers were wonderful! I am so glad I was able to go on this trip and I would definitely travel with bookbag tours again!
By Diana Rose C for Northern Ireland and Scotland : July 19 - 29, 2022 on 08 Aug, 2022