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Embarking on a journey with BookBag Tours to Japan was a deep dive into a world where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with cutting-edge, innovative modernity. My recent trip to Japan was an educational adventure, filled with eye-opening experiences and heartfelt interactions that left me with a lifetime of memories. Every aspect of the trip, from the thoughtful itinerary to the expert guidance of Setsuko and the warm camaraderie of our group, made this a remarkable journey. BookBag Tours' focus on educational insights, coupled with cultural exploration, provided a unique perspective on Japan that was both enlightening and immensely enjoyable. Karuizawa was magical! Tucked in the mountains, this town offered a serene escape with boutique-lined streets and the soothing sounds of nature. Finding little shops and places to have a snack or a sake was just the coolest. The visit to local schools was particularly impactful, providing us with a rare glimpse into the innovative educational practices that define Japanese schooling. Tokyo was a thrilling contrast, buzzing with energy and packed full of activities. From the peaceful precision of the tea ceremony to the exhilarating chaos of Shibuya Crossing, each day was a new adventure. Our guide, Setsuko, was a treasure trove of knowledge, weaving fascinating stories and insights that brought each destination to life. Whether exploring the spiritual calm of Meiji Shrine or the colorful rows of Nakamise shopping street, the city’s dynamic spirit was infectious. The optional excursions were a brilliant touch, offering personalized adventures. The trip to Mount Fuji was awe-inspiring, with the majestic mountain serving as a stunning reminder of how cool nature is. The boat cruise on Lake Ashi and the journey up the Mt. Komagatake Ropeway offered breathtaking views that etched themselves in my memory. It's hard to believe we even squeezed in a whole day at Tokyo Disney... An experience I'm convinced ONLY Japan can make peaceful. This trip not only broadened my horizons but also deepened my understanding of Japanese culture and education. It was an unforgettable experience that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in a deeper dive into Japan beyond the typical tourist paths.
By Kimberly E for Invitational Japan Trip on Apr 24, 2024
We experienced the splendors of Iceland during our Golden Circle trip! Our Bookbag guides were wonderful, helpful and supportive and our local Iceland guide was AMAAAAZING! That said, there were a few logistics issues that I hope Bookbag will address in future trips. For example, most everything is communicated via the WhatsApp app so, for those who are not technically inclined, it was difficult to get information both before and during the trip since it was not always also e-mailed. Also, when in a foreign country, not everyone paid for international roaming so many only had access to apps when at a hotel with working wifi (which was not every night). The bus did offer wifi as well but, with the size of our group, it was often overloaded or did not work at all. We also experienced some struggles traveling over the holiday time between Christmas and New Years as many restaurants and stores were no open so meals were a struggle especially on longer bus days. Of course, Bookbag has no control over when businesses are open but there could have been more/better pre-coordination to ensure there were meal options each day besides the hotel breakfasts (which were always yummy!). Having a cooler on the bus to hold sandwiches would have been helpful. Our local Iceland guide was wonderful finding emergency restroom stops when needed and making local suggestions. However, most of the hotels were not within walking distance from amenities (if they were even open). We enjoyed our trip and experienced activities we would have never done on our own but, now that we've been to Iceland once, I would much prefer to return when we can travel during the summer with more sunlight, at our own speed and have more time at many of the stops.
By Penny P for Iceland: December 26, 2023-January 3, 2024 on Jan 12, 2024
Ah-Mazing! Epic! Majestic! Life transforming! It was my first time out of country and now I have the wanderlust! I climbed a glacier, hiked through an ice cave, sat on black rocks at a beach, watched it snow at the beach on black sand, and saw what pictures cannot do justice - icebergs of the bluest blue! I explored Icelandic foods - reindeer pate, lamb stew, everything hot dogs, lobster rolls, and the Icelandic favorite - fermented shark followed by a shot of Black Death. I pet sheep, Icelandic horses, and reindeer! I saw majestic humpback whales swimming freely. I soaked in multiple thermal bath, completed 2 polar plunges, and saw the brightest of stars! Stars so close, it felt like I could reach out and touch them. I spent New Year's Eve soaking in thermal baths with my new friends, watching fireworks on the horizon, and then over my head. Best NYE EVER!!!!!! I look forward to more trips with Bookbag tours and exploring the world while connecting with teachers and discovering we are more alike than we are different!
By Shanna D for Iceland: December 26, 2023-January 3, 2024 on Jan 12, 2024