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In addition to teaching individually, Bre and Flo also teach co-lead power vinyasa classes in an approachable but challenging flow with an emphasis of body control and strength building movements by utilization of the breath to carry their students through their practice. They encourage students to play with their edge, challenging the mind in strong movements and long holds while providing a safe, encouraging, and nonjudgmental environment where each individual can achieve their full potential. They studied under Dylan Werner, Linda McGrath, Amber Henzi, Avatar Yoga School in India, and Jo Phee. They also teach restorative yin yoga specializing in myofascial release. Knowing that the body benefits from movement while the mind benefits from stillness, Bre and Flo share their philosophy of mental stillness through the fluidity of a strong practice. Check 'em out at the following locations on the interwebs: Facebook | @breatheandflowforlife IG | @breatheandflow YouTube | @breatheandflow


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My deepest gratitude and thankfulness towards Bre and Flo for organizing this retreat. It was wonderful. The retreat was exceptionally organized, it was heart-opening, challenging, very informative, comprehensive, and truly provided for implementing more yoga into my life, every day, at my home. During the retreat, not only did we practice yoga twice a day, we also learned myofascial release techniques, had a fantastic handstand and arm-balance workshop, created essential oil spray and sages, and we received the nicest welcome bag ever. Every single second was filled with loving kindness and passion. I am very thankful and grateful and look forward to continuing the journey. Thank you so much Bre and Flo
I came on this retreat solo and left with 23 new friends, thanks in part to the hard work Breathe and Flow put into planning the weekend and also to The Lotus Farm, the gorgeous farm that hosted and spoiled us with life-changing delicious vegetarian meals that we could all bond over :) Every part of this retreat was exactly what I was looking for in a weekend escape where I could nourish my mind, body, and soul!
Wow. Great retreat from the amount of content, the quality of that content, to the food prepared by the venue... high end restaurant quality and plenty of it! The group felt close by the end of only 48 hours and I don’t think that was coincidence... the environment created by Breathe and Flow made it so easy.