Friendly, loving, musically gifted hosts. Gorgeous, comfortable retreat center and nearby beach. Wonderful new yoga area and perfectly paced classes. Finally living from the heart and not so much in the mind. All around excellent experience filled with care in every detail. Thank you Allyu Medicina and Breathe & Flow. Highly recommended!
By Grant C for New Year Plant Medicine Yoga Retreat | Ecuador on Feb 22, 2024
My YTT experience with Breathe & Flow Yoga Academy was incredible! Bre & Flo set up our learning environment in a sacred space. They were present and ready to lovingly support every student in our YTT family. Their kindness and love in how they nurtured and guided each person along the intensive journey was personal, attentive, and balanced. Bre & Flo’s collected wisdom shared with our YTT family helped prepare me to deepen my personal practice and build upon my teaching practice. Lectures were supportive in understanding how to systematically create sequences to support the overall well being of the body. The teaching techniques covered in class offered knowledge and insight on how to create inclusive, supportive and safe spaces for students. Our conversations on Yogic philosophy broadened my understanding of relevant issues. My gratitude to Bre & Flo, their family and team, for their time and attention to lead in a sacred space of learning, practice, and community.
By Sadie V for 2023 200h Breathe and Flow YTT | Peru on Feb 14, 2024
Amazing and transformative experience, it's hard to put into words but just wonderful, a journey of discoverment things inside you, things that maybe needs your attention and to put your work, this surrounded by beautiful souls from different parts of the world that at the end of the retreat feels like familia. Ayllu Medicine wonderful, this was my first time with plant medicine and I could not find a better place and people to do it, it feels safe, feel the love and commitment with this ancient traditions and believes and of course for the assistants. Bre and Flo amazing, get the opportunity to meet them in person and discover that they are even better than what it feels trough the screen, love the classes and all the work and heart that they put in this retreat <3 My heart is full and happy after this experiences.
By Erika Q for New Year Plant Medicine Yoga Retreat | Ecuador on Jan 24, 2024