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Botswana & Zambia
Botswana & Zambia
Kasane, Chobe, Botswana
13 Oct, 2019
04 Apr, 2020


I had a great time on the trip. The trip was well planned , memorable and organized. Breacans went above and beyond to make sure that everyone’s experience on the trip was great. This was the first time I use Breacans and they exceeded all my expectations. Travis and Ross from the beginning shared with us a prelim itinerary to give us an idea Of what to expect on the trip. They both made sure that we spent the appropriate time at each of the locations that we visited to experience Botswana and Zambia and being travelers themselves they knew how to allocate the time appropriately each day between safari , site seeing, etc . so Our time was spent very efficiently through the week long trip. The food provided was great and the hotels we stayed at were very clean and in good locations. The hotels were chosen carefully and it showed (friendly staff, clean rooms, etc). The safari itself was great , we spent two nights in Chobe national park and enjoyed it all (tents were clean, food was great, we even got a shower ;)) . Ross (who accompanied us on the trip) was always there for us and was very knowledgeable with the region . he taught us a lot about the countries’ culture and its history. He made sure that everyone had a great time and that he is always available to answer/help with any request. The time and attention he gave everyone was above and beyond (I guess this is one of many perks that came with booking through a small boutique company such as Breacans) I had a great time and I would not hesitate to recommend Breacans to anyone . Personally, I can’t wait to join future trips with them.
By Wael Y for Botswana & Zambia on Nov 05, 2019
If you want a one of a kind, well rounded experience with a knowledgeable travel host, Breacans is for you! From the safari camping experience, aerial views via helicopter rides of Victoria falls, to navigating cliff hanging waterfall experiences; this trip combines adventure, supporting local communities and feeling the heart and soul of the native lands explored. Thank you Ross for your travel host Extraordinaire expertise! Thank you Travis for your energy in helping put this trip on. If I can give it more stars I would , and highly recommend
By Dora K for Botswana & Zambia on Oct 28, 2019
I had an AMAZING experience in Scotland! Travis and Ross are the best guides I’ve ever had; and they showed extreme care and love to every single person in our group! Not only did they take amazing pictures of us for our Instagram and Facebook uploads, but they also cooked delicious breakfast and meals for us! One of my favorite meals is homemade spaghetti and they made the best homemade spaghetti! We got to visit great and tasty restaurants and the most iconic and touristic places in Scotland, while still enjoying unique places, only locals might know about (since Ross is from Scotland)....We even got the cutest welcome gift from Breacans upon our arrival; extremely thoughtful gift I will cherish for years! I could go on and on about the AMAZING time I had on this trip! A+, 5 star, top of the line tour of Scotland! Definitely recommend this trip for anyone looking for an adventure, a break from a monotonous routine, someone wanting to make new friends or simply wanting to add a new country to their travels!
By Genesis C for Outlandish Scotland on Aug 03, 2019