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Jean Mazzei and Brenna Geehan Sri Yoga
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About Me

Jean Mazzei, (E-RYT 500), has logged over 15,000 teaching hours. Often called “a teacher’s teacher,” she is an expert in the subtleties of yoga sadahana (practices), and bringing the practices to life off the mat. Jean believes that everyone is inherently resplendent, and that yoga practice is about uncovering the dust that sits on our light. Her sense of humor and commitment to non-judgment provide a safe place for students to explore, break boundaries, and release layers of physical, emotional, and psychic weight. Her classes draw from many styles and include physical and subtle body alignment, vinyasa krama, pranayama (breath work), visualization (kriya), and deep listening. Brenna Geehan began her journey with yoga, meditation, Tantra, and Ayurveda in 1998. Originally from New York, then Chicago and now San Francisco, Brenna Geehan, E-RYT, is a Level II Certified ParaYoga® Instructor through Yogarupa Rod Stryker. Brenna co-directs Sri Yoga ™ Teacher Trainings with Jean Mazzei and travels nationally offering Yoga seminars. Brenna has over 1,500 hrs of training and over 16 years of experience and specializes in prescribing transformative yoga practices with meditation that addresses her students personal needs. Sri Yoga ™, developed in the Tantric tradition, incorporates a mindful and systematic approach to yoga that is both physical and spiritual and is designed to take you deeper into smarana - the remembrance of who you really are. Working from the inside out, we align energy in order to align the body and your life. By gaining awareness of your power (Shakti) and your energy (Prana) you learn to cultivate these forces that translate to resplendence (Sri) on and off the mat. Classes focus on energetic alignment in asanas (postures), conscious use of the breath (Pranayama), in addition to focus and concentration (Dharana), which combine to take you deeper inside your Self.



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The Ageless Yoga Weekend Retreat was awesome. I had never met Jean before and she most definitely lived up to my expectations. Her manner is calm and supportive, yet challenging people to go beyond their comfort level. I would absolutely take another retreat with Jean.