I was so looking forward to this Yoga Retreat as it was a pre-celebration for my 68th birthday and two friends were coming along. We we so excited! The food prepared by Chef Taylor was not only nutritious and plant-based but very yummy! The yoga, smudging, and sound healing were absolutely amazing! My friends and I had brought wine to enjoy for dinner and relax under the full moon of Sedona. When we arrived and were still settling in to the Lavender Room,* which was not what it appeared to be on the advertisement, we were told that we could not have any wine on the premises as there was someone there that was 20 days into sobriety. I totally understand that journey, however, there was nothing noted on our info about the Transformation House being alcohol-free. Had we known such was the case, we would not have brought wine to the premises. The lack of transparency caused us unneeded stress, and we felt shamed from the Leaders of this retreat. I truly hope that her info is updated to avoid anyone else going through this situation. We scrambled to get a hotel and after that stressful episode we were able to do some incredible hikes and enjoy the beauty, peace and serenity that Sedona offers. I do want to add that we were fully refunded for the two days that were left on the retreat, and the refund was handled expeditiously. *The video shows the Lavender Room as having a window - but it's actually a picture of a window. No ventilation in the room, although we did receive a big fan when requested.
By Hilda Fernandez for Spirit of Alchemy Women's Yoga & Healing Retreat on Sep 20, 2022