Past Trips


A weekend at Civana would have been a treat on its own...beautiful property, too many classes to choose from and delicious food. But lucky for me, I got to experience that through the Align retreat. It was a perfectly balanced retreat (I'm a first-time-retreater) where I had time and space alone to process and just chill, as well as engaging and diverse classes that kept my body moving and my mind engaged. It was a very approachable retreat, with workshops that felt introductory but also left the door open to explore the topics more deeply with resources and homework (but like the fun kind). I would recommend this retreat to anyone who's looking to just be a kid for a few days.
By Amanda H for ALIGN Women's Retreat on Apr 15, 2022
Thank you for organizing a fantastic trip! Great food, great accommodation, and even better company!
By Sophia W for Reconnect and Realign with P & B on Apr 13, 2021
I wish I could review this trip without sounding dramatic, but the truth is this trip was the best experience I could have ever provided myself as a woman. I went into the trip hoping to maybe make a new friend and do some yoga, but what I got out of it instead was a deep connection with myself, an entire group of lifelong friends who I don’t think I have gone more than a couple days without communicating with or seeing, and some ass-kicking workouts tied into some extremely physically zen moments. Priscilla and Brittny to me embody that perfect balance of self awareness to self acceptance. I had more fun than I could’ve imagined, and I even found myself so comfortable that I shed a few tears in the company of strangers. If you are reading this review because you are contemplating whether this trip is worth it, read no farther. I will be back for another retreat, I will continue to follow Priscilla and Brittny as women I aspire to be for the rest of my life, And I am looking forward to meeting whoever is reading this review at the next retreat and creating a lifelong friend. As a woman, just taking the time to connect with ourselves is some thing we never do because we are always doing everything for everyone else. Sometimes a vacation doesn’t look like Hawaii beaches, don’t get me wrong I love those times, but this wellness retreat as a vacation for your soul when it feels so overwhelmed or so heavy burdened. 10/10 would recommend ladies!!!!
By Collyn J for Reconnect to Realign Retreat with P & B on Mar 19, 2021