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This trip was transformational in a lot of different ways for me and Burgundy Roots definitely contributed to that. BR curated the most amazing experiences in Saudi for us (on top of the homecoming trip to Makkah and Madina) and I was definitely meant to meet all the soulful people who joined too. It's a community with so much heart and so much soul because Wafa is all heart and soul and that came through during this retreat. Visiting Makkah and Madina was made even more special with guidance from Mustafa Briggs who shared many lessons to help us connect with our Deen and remind us of the reasons why we're there on a deeper level. I also found it beautiful that I got to experience my first umrah trip with other seekers and like-minded people from all over the world who are part of the ummah. This familial bond that we now have is forever inshaAllah. The tour guides in all the places we visited (Jeddah, Makkah, Madina, Al Ula) were exceptional. They were great storytellers and helped us make a profound connection to the places we visited. Wafa and the BR team did an incredible job curating the experience for us -- from places we stayed at to all the amazing food we had! ALL the meals we had throughout the trip were *chef's kiss* !! Burgundy Roots has truly been such an intentional space for those who seek Him and seek healing. I am so grateful, thank you so much.
By Sarah B for Burgundy Roots Presents: Umrah Homecoming on 11 Jan, 2023
In my experience, most people (including myself) usually only visit Makkah and Medina when traveling to Saudi. I went on this retreat hoping for a healthy balance of spiritual enrichment and fun - the BR team did an amazing job of giving us just that. The fact that Wafa personally screens every person before allowing them to join shows how meticulously curated these retreats are. Our group was made up of easy going, like-minded people from all over. I can genuinely say that I have friends in different parts of the world because of this retreat. On the spiritual side, we were led by Mustafa Briggs - who walked us through the rituals of Umrah, broke down why we do them and gave the group daily lessons. I'd say Mustafa's presence and lessons were the key to making this trip as fulfilling as it was. Apart from being a great guy, his perspective on Islam is simple and clear. We also had a couple of local tour guides who talked us through the significance of some of the historical sites we visited. This also made every visit that much more spiritually/emotionally poignant. Outside of Makkah and Medina, we spent time in Jeddah and Al Ula. I don't think I could've had a better time or seen the country in a more fun, relaxed manner than I did with the group. We were able to try the food, hang out with locals and really experience the Saudi culture. The accommodations, experiences and excursions were all well thought out. Anyone who decides to go on a BR retreat will notice the attention to detail and thoughtfulness by which the itinerary was put together. Much love to Wafa for curating such a fun, unique, spiritually enriching trip.
By Atif M for Burgundy Roots Presents: Umrah Homecoming on 10 Jan, 2023
Wafa & Burgundy Roots are doing important work, connecting the global ummah. My first umrah was so special not least because of the wonderful places we visited and the amazing food we had, but for so many other reasons also. Sites we visited came alive through the heartfelt and earnest retellings of their historical significance by the wonderful guides, the umrah experience itself was made even more meaningful because of the spiritual guidance and lessons taught that were timely and filled with so many important insights, and most gratifyingly, the whole experience was done so with an amazing collection of people coming from everywhere in the world who quickly became like family. If you’re considering doing your first umrah with Burgundy Roots, rest assured that you won’t find a better option elsewhere surely!
By Sara A for Burgundy Roots Presents: Umrah Homecoming on 08 Jan, 2023


I traveled with Wafa to do the Umrah... That was such a good experience. This trip is definitely the best by far. She is so professional and a nice person. I definitely recommend it to everyone who wants an experience that could change their life in a good way, bring more love in their heart, a closer connection with God and the chance to meet extraordinary people.
By Ibrahima W on 02 Jan, 2023
I have been on two Burgundy roots trips so far and I must say, the itineraries are very well thought out. Wafa and her team pay attention to every detail and leave no stone unturned to ensure a truly unique, hands-off and stress-free experience for all attendees. You get to visit some hidden gems , spend time in nature, enjoy delicious food with amazing COMPANY and learn more about Islam while you’re at it. Such a beautiful, spiritually uplifting experience! BEST TRIP(S) EVER!
By Rakiya O on 29 Aug, 2022
Traveled with Burgundy Roots this summer to Jamaica and it was everything!!!! Wafa and her team were great! All the experiences and people I meet were a whole vibe. If you're thinking about traveling with them just do it, it will be so worth it.
By Amy S on 10 Aug, 2022