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Roots in Zanzibar
Roots in Zanzibar
Zanzibar, Tanzania
08 May, 2024


Thank you to the amazing team for making this trip feel like home. The team was so attentive to us and informative, awesome women that love their country, culture and gave us a great understanding of it. Everything was organized perfectly, everyday felt like a gift as all we’ve experienced brought me so much. Wafa really has something for bringing likeminded people together and going around a part of this earth with them was fulfilling. Egypt, the trip, the group and the people brought me so much peace and laughter. It filled my stomach, my eyes and my heart. The food was one of a kind, I’ve never had this much amazingly tasty food in my life. Literally a food trip. The sun, the colors and the vibes of Cairo. The vastness, the waters, the warmth of Siwa and the history it carries. The never ending discovery of dishes for my tastebuds to enjoy. Booking this trip after years of wanting to do it was the best decision. To the friends I made along the way, I love you habibtis y’all are the chillest, smartest and funniest women I’ve met.
By Julia J for Yalla Roots: Egypt Road Trip. on Dec 04, 2023
Wonderful group of people with enough laughter to go round! Meeting all the people during the talk/workshops/visit was really something that I appreciated as it connected us with the place and the history :)
By Zafirah B for Granada Glory Tour on Nov 28, 2023
Traveling with Burgundy Roots was well worth it. Wafa and her staff took care of pretty much everything. The hotels were well chosen. (Our main hotel had an ATM and a currency exchange so that was super convenient). The staff members really helped me out when I needed extra attention. The Egyptian sites were amazing to see and were all easy to access because of Burgundy Roots. I would totally use their services again.
By Aaisha B for Yalla Roots: Egypt Road Trip. on Nov 28, 2023


I traveled with Wafa to do the Umrah... That was such a good experience. This trip is definitely the best by far. She is so professional and a nice person. I definitely recommend it to everyone who wants an experience that could change their life in a good way, bring more love in their heart, a closer connection with God and the chance to meet extraordinary people.
By Ibrahima W on 02 Jan, 2023
I have been on two Burgundy roots trips so far and I must say, the itineraries are very well thought out. Wafa and her team pay attention to every detail and leave no stone unturned to ensure a truly unique, hands-off and stress-free experience for all attendees. You get to visit some hidden gems , spend time in nature, enjoy delicious food with amazing COMPANY and learn more about Islam while you’re at it. Such a beautiful, spiritually uplifting experience! BEST TRIP(S) EVER!
By Rakiya O on 29 Aug, 2022
Traveled with Burgundy Roots this summer to Jamaica and it was everything!!!! Wafa and her team were great! All the experiences and people I meet were a whole vibe. If you're thinking about traveling with them just do it, it will be so worth it.
By Amy S on 10 Aug, 2022