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Napo Wildlife Center
Napo Wildlife Center
Amazon jungle tour
16 Nov, 2023

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This is a high-end resort in the middle of the Amazon forest with great personnel and guides that will explore the jungle, birds, mammals, reptiles and some flora with you, on foot and on canoes. The experience is breath-taking. The comfort of the resort is outstanding, the food excellent. The concept of ecotourism is well respected though I believe power is provided through fossile energy generators. Hikghly recommended.
By Alain B for Napo Wildlife Center on Sep 09, 2023
We had a great time! Very interesting place to visit. Saw tons of birds and animals. Enjoyed the kayaking and swimming! The guides were very knowledgeable and friend. Food was excellent and accommodations very comfortable. Really enjoyed the cultural component too.
By Joanne A for Napo Cultural center on Aug 08, 2023
The five-day, four-night cruise we took with the Monserrat Yacht turned out to be an excellent experience for my family. The crew on board the yacht and the tour guide were very friendly, and we really enjoyed the route which took us to Fernandina Island, Isabela Island, Santiago Island, and North Seymour Island with a quick stop at Bachas Beach on Santa Cruz. The cabins on the upper deck had big windows to enjoy the scenery, and the beds were very comfortable. The cabins are small, but they had everything we need, and were perfectly fine for the trip. The meals were pretty good overall, and the vegan members of our group were pleased to find out that the cruise ship could accommodate a vegan diet. There were fully vegan options for every meal. There is definitely room for improvement though in the quality of the vegan food. Traveling on a small boat allows for a more friendly and intimate experience because you get to know the crew and all the other passengers. We really like the social aspect of the trip. We liked how the trip had a great mix of land tours, short hikes, and memorable snorkeling opportunities with sea lions, iguanas, penguins, and huge sea turtles. Amazing! One suggestion I have for travelers on this yacht ( and for the crew ) is to buy baby shampoo to de-fog the masks when you go snorkeling. The soap that they had for us on the dingies stung our eyes a little bit.
By Jonathan G for Monserrat Yacht on Jun 18, 2023