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Carolina Bravo

About Me

I was born in Valencia, Spain. I studied Communication and received my degree in journalism and later worked at the second largest media group Vocento writing for Las Provincias newspaper for 13 years. I wrote over 300 articles every year and published exclusive front page news. In 2012 I came to San Francisco and focused on the Spanish-speaking communication market. I continued my studies at Stanford University where I took a digital marketing course and then Spanish as a second language course at Berkeley University. Within the last three years, I have helped over 300 professionals from tech companies in Silicon Valley such as Google, Facebook, or Airbnb. In addition, I translate documents into Spanish speaking market and I specially enjoy to translate yoga material. In my free time, I work on personal growth by practicing yoga and meditation.


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Spanish Immersion in Spain
Spanish Immersion in Spain
Valencia, España
Aug. 11, 2017

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