Past Trips


I had a wonderful time. The food was great and the play was very good. I have so much fun on the bus playing bingo and getting to know people. Missy and Sara are so friendly and fun. I look forward to going on more trips with them.
By Sarah B for "The Home Game" on Sep 23, 2023
We had a fantastic time on this trip. The food at the restaurant was great. The musical was very interesting, a story of the prodigal son. The buggy ride thru Shipshewana was interesting and the bingo games on the way home were great, as well as the 2 truths and a lie game that we played on the way to Shipshewana. That one was so funny. Will look forward to our next trip.
By Leah M for "The Home Game" on Sep 22, 2023
It was a great trip. We enjoyed the game very much. The seats were awesome. Missey did a wonderful job! Thank you for a fun experience!
By Hannah F for Cleveland Guardians Game on Aug 08, 2023