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What can I say?! Other than UFC NEVER disappoints. This Kenya trip was just as amazing as the last 2 UFC trips to Africa I’ve been on. Not only does UFC create the most cultured and entertaining itineraries but they have also created a space for like minded individuals from the African Diaspora to reconnect to the Motherland. My next trip with UFC is already booked and I can’t wait! 🖤
By Candice C for Stamp'd in Kenya on Jan 30, 2024
BEST GROUP TRIP I HAVE EVER BEEN ON! This was my first time to Africa and I had an absolute blast! I wouldn't redo this any other way. I met so many amazing people and am looking forward to going back to Kenya with UFC again. The vibes, the love, the gifts, the adventure! I can not even sum it all up. I had to go ahead and book another one with them for this year. You will not regret it! BOOK IT NOW! - The Jetsetter
By Qianna C for Stamp'd in Kenya on Jan 29, 2024
Kenya is a nice country. Met some great people.
By Tiffany R for Stamp'd in Kenya on Jan 26, 2024