trip was amazing. very well organized and planned. the day time activities were perfect for exploring and getting a true feel of the culture. loved how all activity days included lunch, and how the 5 star hotel also included breakfast - helped with saving a lot of money during the trip. Everything was beautiful and seamless and i will definitely join future trips with Resort Anywhere
By Veronica A for Resort Anywhere: Lagos + Accra (December 2021 Takeover) on Jan 11, 2022
I had a great time! I got nervous going through the airport at Lagos but our airport protocol was EXTREMELY useful! The activities were beyond amazing and the accommodations were beyond luxurious. Looking forward to this all over again in winter 2022!
By Atiera J for Resort Anywhere: Lagos + Accra (December 2021 Takeover) on Jan 04, 2022


I want to travel with your group to Nigeria/Ghana for the holidays. Any openings?
By Debra T on 28 Oct, 2021