A beautiful retreat well orchestrated and balanced between spiritual growth, breakthroughs, embodiement, expansion, discoveries, integration, safety, with amazing true connections filled of joy, vulnerability and trust. This is a life changing process ! The choice of the place was really in tune with the retreat, surrounding by water and nature, an invitation to breathe, to comtemplate, to rest, to pause, to integrate, to chill..... The food was perfect, full of diversity, healthy, tasty and abundant ! I really recommend ! Thank you Christina and team for this unforgettable adventure !
By Betty B for Christina Lopes 2023 Retreat on Nov 19, 2023
This was my first Retreat EVER and definitely the start of many. A week long, life changing experience, with tonnes of healing, dancing and manifesting, whilst working with both Masculine and Famine energies. Got to meet the most amazing souls from around the globe that will turn into a lifelong friendship. I had zero expectations of any transformations and went with an open mind and the way Christina explains things and simply 'gets' you is a soothing experience, with each activity, everyday tailored to release any blockages and bring in your divine energy, so you can live your authentic self. Plus her amazing team are super reliant and supportive, you know you will always be well looked after. Christina has some of the most amazing musicians as well who leaves you in a trance in these guided meditation sessions. Christina is truly a Blessing! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE TAUGHT AND SHOWN. I cant not WAIT for the next CL Retreat :)
By Kristeen K for Christina Lopes 2023 Retreat on Nov 15, 2023
Dear Tina, dear Liz, dear team, dear musicians … How to describe a truely profound experience? Rediscovering life in a more pure form, taking me to another level of feeling and being, challenging myself to balance a busy mind to the inner peace of my body and soul and bringing love and joy to my mere existence, as the heartful human being we are designed to be! So my heart is filled with gratitude, pure gratitude.. Thank you for your heart, the words that came out of it, the music, the love.. thank you all, thank you Tina, for embracing my daughter Fee, a warm bath providing for her and showing me the way to comfort my inner child.. thank you Liz, for your gentle loving way in guiding our green group❤️❤️❤️.. We will be back, while we spread our energy of love and care. You -and now we too- are truely lightworkers our world is in need of. Love Fee and Willem
By willem h for Christina Lopes 2023 Retreat on Nov 08, 2023