Truly another well planned experience with CleverDever Adventures. Not only did we visit Christmas Markets in four countries but we also learned history of the countries/cities, toured unique buildings (Budapest Parliament and saw the crown) and local shops. The wine, food and hospitality everywhere we went made for a delightful time. This trip was special from the first day to the farewell dinner.
By Linda W for 2023 Christmas Market Tour and Holiday Party on Dec 09, 2023
Fantastic. We were so well-looked after. The trip was well-curated, the guides were fantastic - informative and caring. I was able to meet some fantastic people along the way - both within the tour group, and friendly folks in the individual countries. I learned so much.... I highly recommend.
By Karen B for 2023 Christmas Market Tour and Holiday Party on Dec 08, 2023
CleverDever Adventures has the greatest trips/tours. We get to not see, but also experience things other tours overlook. It is an immersion into a country and its culture. While we visited Christmas markets, we also experienced food and wine from small, but fantastic businesses that have been curated by CleverDever. Additionally, we get to know and laugh with our fellow travelers. Beyond a doubt, these are the best tours ever!!
By Jane L for 2023 Christmas Market Tour and Holiday Party on Dec 07, 2023