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Cultivate Bliss Winter Retreat
Cultivate Bliss Winter Retreat
306 Matlock Old Union Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42104
25 Jan, 2020


Bliss was truly cultivated during this January winter retreat. It was exactly what I needed to begin the year. Every moment was planned to a T and filled with love. The perfect balance between rest and growth. Forever grateful for all the time and energy put towards this memory I will never forget. I truly I’m able to experience it again / send someone I love to experience it.
By Andrea Clan for Cultivate Bliss Winter Retreat on Mar 05, 2020
There was no snow as advertised in the picture, but seriously this weekend was perfect whatever the weather. The food, the accommodation, the activities all exceeded my expectations. Like a couple of others in the group I consider myself an introvert, but the organizers were so very adept at making everyone feel welcome and within a couple of hours I felt truly at home with this group of mostly strangers. Nobody preached to anybody, but all of us had an opportunity to share with and learn from each other. I also am not a very arts and crafty person, but that activity was likewise rewarding--both the creating and the sharing part. I don't generally sleep well any where except in my own bed, but was quite cozy in the airbnb. We all had lots of space and a place to be alone if needed. The food was outstanding. In just 36 hours our group meal plan helped me rethink some of my poor food choices of late, and I go into February eating a little better than before. Two days later I continue to experience the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of our time together. I'm sleeping better than in weeks. Pharann warned us that the gong bath effects would take hold maybe after the fact, and that is definitely true in my case. I hesitated to sign up for this because of the price, but it was worth every penny. If Pharann and Saray (sp?) offer to do this again, there's no need to change anything.
By Ferrel Rose for Cultivate Bliss Winter Retreat on Jan 28, 2020