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This Is That Trip
This Is That Trip
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19 Oct, 2022
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The Unheard Of
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28 Dec, 2022

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As always Passport Required curates an amazing experience with wonderful people who come together as strangers and depart as family! The brothers on this experience made this brothers only PR experience magical. I choose to travel with PR for a variety of reasons but most importantly a great adventure with good vibes and people is why I keep coming back 5xs now!
By Donald B for Love, Peace, and a Beautiful Soul on 06 Jun, 2022
This trip was amazing! I had a wonderful experience with the other gentlemen who were on this trip with me. I've made 4 new friends! Darnell, thanks for being there and showing us around!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR MY NEXT PR EXPERIENCE!!!!!
By Tyrone R for Love, Peace, and a Beautiful Soul on 03 Jun, 2022
Beautiful experience from start to finish. Never felt more full after a trip. 150% recommend. When the site says “You should be here” You ABSOLUTELY SHOULD” We woke up every day to an ocean view, met new people, ate great food, and let each day take us wherever it wanted to. Don’t miss out on the next trip. It is beyond worth it.
By Nikolaus K for Love, Peace, and a Beautiful Soul on 27 May, 2022


Wow Wow Wow! So far, I’ve been on 3 Passport Required trips, two led by Darnell Lamont Walker and one led by Trip Facilitator, Staci, and I look forward to going on so many more. Each trip was better than the previous, and in each group of travelers, I’ve made lifelong friends. Passport Required did a great job letting us travelers know exactly what to expect with each trip, and a great job making sure, as they say, no room is left for regret. I’m sad to read the review just below mine left my Lamesha Miles. I was a traveler on that trip, and none of that was my experience. Darnell’s response to Lamesha posted on PassportRequired.Com pointing out why her review is flawed. It didn’t take long to understand that she arrived to the airport with an already negative attitude, and maintained that attitude throughout the trip. Speaking for myself and the others on that trip I’ve spoken with since, that was an unforgettably beautiful and outstanding trip. I highly recommend Passport Required for all people who are open to adventure, open to meeting new people, and open to living colorfully and beautifully. Thank you. Allison.
By allison w on 14 Mar, 2019