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Enchanted Retreat New Mexico 2016
Enchanted Retreat New Mexico 2016
Jemez Springs, NM, United States
14 Aug, 2016
Deliberate Stillness Retreat 2017
Deliberate Stillness Retreat 2017
Muir Beach, CA, United States
18 Jun, 2017
Journey to Petra: Yoga Adventure - Jordan 2017
Journey to Petra: Yoga Adventure - Jordan 2017
Petra District, Ma'an Governorate, Jordan
01 Nov, 2017


David's humor and wisdom shone through, as always. Lovely people in an amazing setting. Thank you!
By Ted Obbard for MAS YOGA: Playa Viva, Mexico 2023 on Feb 10, 2023
Thank you David, We had a great week and I greatly enjoyed the yoga The people and the food at Danena were great I hope it worked out well for you. Toni
By Toni Garrett for Pasta e Prana: A Sicily Yoga Retreat 2022 on Oct 31, 2022
What a fabulous weekend. Such a treat to practice in person with my favorite yoga teacher, in a stunning location and with wonderful silent friends. The weaving of contemplation and movement was restorative and healing. It was delightful to have the time and space to settle into a nourishing yin practice that became an embodied meditation. I could feel my body settle and my heart awaken. Very grateful to have this special time and place together. Thank you David!
By Billi Romain for Deliberate Stillness Weekend Retreat 2022 on Jun 14, 2022


Abhimanyu (David,) I’m glad I waited to tell you about my experience in New Mexico, because I wasn’t aware of how much it would affect me now that I’ve returned to my “normal life.” There was a sadness that I think we all felt when we had to say goodbye to our magical alternate reality we shared, and you helped create for us, in those mountains full of deep wisdom. But since I left the retreat I’ve felt a return to something that I forgot, or missed within me. I’ve taken so many tools for my own spiritual practice from this that I honestly did not expect, I’m so grateful. And like Wolf said, “so inspired by you!” I feel a deep connection with everyone who shared this experience with me, and I think they would agree that this was a transformative experience, to say the least. I would sincerely encourage anyone to do something like this. Going into this I was in a particularly worn down place, emotionally, but yoga has allowed me to transcend that and be in the moment, and cultivate a practice, both spiritually and physically that is nothing short of amazing. Like my mom said, this is a turning point for me, and I didn’t even realize it at the time, but my practice is bolstered by, and draws upon the truly transformative experience I’ve had at the Jemez retreat. I am eternally grateful! THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, much love.
By Marlowe K on 08 Nov, 2016
David's trip "Journey to Petra" was an unforgettable trip that was so much more than Petra. The community, the yoga, the food, the sights, the time spent walking the roads of ancient civilizations put so much of my daily life into better perspective. This was some combination of retreat and adventure in a land that holds history of mythic proportion. Seeing this part of the world was also a humbling experience that brought me compassion and understanding for past and present political, religious and social events. I am changed and I would do this Journey again in a heartbeat.
By Ceri, D on 12 Oct, 2016
My personal highlight of the trip was the famed Wadi Rum desert stay with an early morning camel ride with the Bedouins and an exquisite "glamping" private tent stay. Every moment was like a dream, steeped in age old history and beauty beyond explanation...
By Kevin, S on 12 Oct, 2016