FIVE STARS! The December 2022 Vacation in Ghana Differently experience was superb! I am a two-time KLA traveler, and the team raising the bar for this luxuriously curated vacation definitely has me going for a three-peat. The KLA Team is comprised of professionals, project managers, videographers and content creators so believe me when I say they meticulously planned and implemented a grand experience to show off Ghana and the Gold Coast. Nothing and no one was left behind on this trip: there wasn't a cuisine we didn't try (Banku, Plantains, Jollof, Red-Red, Palm Wine, stews, soups, etc.) a cultural experience we weren't immersed in (history, music festival, shopping, nightlife, exploring...) or a canvas of colors and beauty we didn't see while we were there (museums, art galleries, etc). Also, we were FINESSED through the city of Accra, the countryside and shores of Ghana by the all-star team, including Mr. (whatever and whomever you need) Albert. I absolutely loved bringing in 2023 with the 2022 Detty December Crew. What an AMAZING time and experience - I (sadly) left Ghana with a smile on my face and gratefulness in my heart. Special thanks to the videographers and content creators for capturing such great moments of our trip that we can re-live and remember our time in beautiful Ghana. *KLA Team (Davida, Mika, Jo, Ama & Maureen), until we meet again - I luh y'all! Aug 2019 & Dec 2022 Alum - Pauline
By Pauline H for Vacation in Ghana Differently: December in Ghana on 16 Jan, 2023
This was a wonderful experience. First of all the trip was expertly organized. If I had any question they were immediately answered. It was a great first taste to ghana that allowed me to experience a wide variety of the country from culture and art to concerts and parties. I would highly recommend for anyone to travel with KLA
By Andrea W for Vacation in Ghana Differently: December in Ghana on 12 Jan, 2023
I had an amazing time. Everything was five star. Everyday was a different experience and I loved every minute. Davida, Mika and their team was absolutely fantastic. I would definitely travel again with them and recommend anyone to take a trip with them.
By Tashonda A for Vacation in Ghana Differently: December in Ghana on 06 Jan, 2023


My husband and I had the pleasure of traveling to Ghana in August 2022. It was an amazing experience! The hosts carefully curated an exciting agenda complete with good food, shopping, dancing, history lessons and so much more.
By Crystal D on 11 Sep, 2022
This was hands down the best trip I’ve ever been on!! I’m usually the one in the crew having to plan everything so it was nice to just show up and have things in order. KLA curated the absolute best experience for us and it was clear from day one, that we would all bond as a family (and we did). The type of travelers you attract are open-minded, encouraging, funny, entertaining, and just overall “go with the flow” (a must in Ghana so if you’re a stickler for scheduling, this ain’t for you. We moved off vibes - much like my life haha). From the trip to Cape Coast to lounging around in the Volta region (one of my favorite days!), the detail and experience was top tier across the board. We felt safe, the restaurants were super cute, nightlife was a blast, and the hotel experience was top notch. I’ve been telling all of my friends to hop on the waitlist because I came back a better, transformed woman. Walking the sacred ground of my ancestors was an experience. I learned more about myself than I planned to and I feel connected to the continent in a way that I didn’t before. Thank you Mika, Davida, and the rest of the KLA crew. This is your purpose actively being fulfilled and it’s only going to get bigger and better from here! Thank you for sharing your beautiful country with us. I met so many amazing people, have so many memories and super cute gifts that make me smile every time I look at them. I can’t wait to come back!
By Joshlyn R on 02 Sep, 2022