Past Trips


Hello Rajarajeshwari, I dont make it sound as if I simply say to thank you for your amazing teaching. I really want to say BIG THANK YOU. I have been inspired by your teaching many things including philosophy. I am inspired by your motivation to continue teaching courses. Please stay in touch with me. Next January to May I will be out traveling. I will check on Deafhood Yoga app occasionally. Big hug!
By Susan B for 2022 FALL: Stretch-In Yoga (Sat&Sun) on Dec 06, 2022
Dear Rajarajeshwari, I loved the 5 petals of life course. I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot. I wasnt able to participate in the last class as my sons were sick. I will continue reviewing the videos and practicing. Thank you and have a lovely holidays coming up. Hugs Susana
By Susana S for 2022 FALL: 5 Petals of Life [1st Group] on Dec 06, 2022
Rajarajeshwari is an excellent teacher - really loved. Challenging programs have had an immediate positive impact on my practice.
By Jane O for 2022 SPRING: Stretch-In Yoga on Jun 15, 2022