Past Trips

Goddess Rising
Goddess Rising
Playa hermosa
29 Aug, 2021
Dharma Discovery: Soul's Purpose Retreat
Dharma Discovery: Soul's Purpose Retreat
Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
29 May, 2022


BEWARE! This was one of the worse experiences of my life. The amount of money charged for such an experience is outrageous. Retreat location water and air conditioning went out in the hot and humid conditions of Costa Rica where we were forced to sleep. On the first night I was assaulted my someone staying at retreat location when I was originally told by Denise it was a yoga retreat for yogis. There were other random people sharing location with us and a girl that I later found out was autistic pulled my hair and choked a colleague on the same night while we were sitting in common area. Denise did nothing, this person was not removed and I was told by Denise it my fault for having a loud voice and possibly triggering someone that I didn’t even know had mental health issues. I was denied a partial refund when I explained what a horrible experience I had told it was non refundable. She was an absent leader, retreat was completely unorganized and Denise handled execution of trip very unprofessionally. She was more concerned with leaving the attendees of the retreat to go and party with friends that had accompanied her. We did little to no yoga and most poorly planned and executed yoga retreat I’ve ever been on, I have been on several and never had such a bad experience. I believe she chose the most cost effective housing in order to make a profit, there was no exclusivity for retreat goers versus common vacationers. Yoga was so low quality that I question her certification and licensing in this field, to be honest I think this is a scam for people looking to get away on a yoga retreat, no structure and this woman claims to be a life coach.
By Stephanie O for Goddess Rising on 11 Oct, 2021


I have known Denise and her work in the community for many years and have been a witness to get growth as an inspiring teacher and healer. More than anything, Denise’s has the capacity to transmit the deep healing energy during any session with her. Even just being in her presence is rejuvenating and powerful! I understand how at times events and retreats can get off track when not every attendee is genuinely seeking inner transformation, and just loved the idea of enjoying paradise with friends, which is OK too. But transformation is very personal. We must make that commitment to ourselves and appreciate the container being offered to us. These retreats are super affordable and payments are flexible so that everyone has the opportunity. And did those who’ve always shied away from BIG Intense Retreats, this is a great beginners journey! I look forward the next retreat and feel grateful for the opportunity. Thank you Denise! Thank you, Sage Secrets for inviting me on the next Goddess Retreat in Costa Rica!
By Zayra C on 14 Mar, 2023